Tech Builds [IRC Alliance] - Null sec PVP/PVE/Mining

Looking for ideally mature minded people to help grow this corp!

Our Corp goals:

  • Industry growth
  • PvP participation (including FCs!)


Located in Etherium Reach, and part of one of the oldest alliances in-game, Intrepid Crossing. We are looking at developing our PvP and Industry activity within the corp to primarily support the alliance and grow the corp.

Some of our opportunities include:

  • R64 and belt mining
  • Roaming content
  • Blopsing
  • Home Defence
  • Ratting including the brand new capital sites
  • Active Teamspeak and Discord community
  • Chance at training up to be an FC!

Look us up in-game at the TBLDS Recruitment

We’re also looking at expanding our gaming portfolio to other games as well soon - so hit us up!

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