[Null/Indy/PvP] What's your why in EVE? Join U-PP & lets find it together

Un-Protected Plex is recruiting both EVE Veterans and Newbros that are the future of EVE to build something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

What we can offer you:

  • Low Tax Industrial Park
  • The Best Moons New Eden has to offer
  • Fleets led by some of the most experienced FCs in EVE
  • A friendly, RL-first vibe amongst equals
  • The value and satisfaction that being a part of our space pixel family brings.
  • Cracking good mining opportunities.

What you can offer us:

  • Hopping on comms when you undock
  • Willingness to learn and improve
  • Family-led alliance with a variety of nice folks to chat with
  • Good craic

Other stuff

  • ESI Stuff (Can walk you through this)
  • Working Mic
  • Discord
  • EU/US TZ, we’re active in both

Fly Safe!

Recruitment still open! Had a couple of good conversations with folks and welcomed new friends in.

Happy to chat with folks and answer questions about the corporation - reach out to Graham Sloaan either here or (ideally!) in an EVEmail in-game!

Or you know, put an application in and I’ll reach out to you. Bonk!