Null PVP Alliance looking for corps in Vale

Reverberation Project is a 2010 alliance that has always focused on two things: Community and small gang pvp.

We have people from all walks of eve who are wanting to break away from the norm of eve: which seems to be blue everyone and have no fights while making isk and making memes. We have one corp that is mostly NC. vets. We have another corp which is mostly Goon vets. We have all come together to achieve a goal no one in eve really does anymore: make our own sand castle.

Our alliance is also full of mostly older players, averaging 35 to 55 years old with multiple military veterans.

We dont take ourselves super serious. We arent elite pvpers. We die a lot. But we take fights and have a good time.

If youre a corp looking to do small to medium gang pvp while having access to the perks of sov, we are for you. If youre an indy corp looking to build ships and items for pvpers while having access to sov, we are for you.

What we offer:

~High class sov systems in Vale
~Desire to take most fights. Even ones we shouldnt
~Minimal amount of blues and politics
~Multiple FCs and content in both EU and US time zones
~Experienced leadership from all over Eve
~Chance to be part of a community where your voice matters
~40% EUTZ and 60% USTZ

What we Expect:

~No drama
~Be part of the community
~Login and do things
~Dont be risk adverse
~Dont cry for SRP and paplinks. Goons are that way —>

We would prefer corps to have at least 10 real people in it but we can discuss on a case by case basis otherwise.


EUTZ: Known Associate
USTZ: Kell Idanian
Discord: []

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Still looking. Would like another solid EUTZ corp.

Still looking.

Daily bumpage.

Hop in and say hi.

Still looking.

Glad we signed up having a blast out here in vale, lots of content to be had

Still looking. In need of capital building indy corps as well as the usual pvp variety.