Null sec corp looking for combat experienced USTZ pilots

(Thea Arsoniztik) #1

Black Serpent Technologies [MAMBA] is currently recruiting active experienced pvp pilots to join our USTZ squad. We are a member of The Culture alliance located in Fountain. Join our public channel MAMBA Public to chat with recruiters and find out where to go to fill out an application!

What can we offer you:

-The opportunity to take part and shape the outcome of some of the deciding battles in EVE Online as a member of both MAMBA and The-Culture.
-The chance to experience all segments of combat in EVE; from black ops to small gang.
-A community of combat capable pilots, with a strong level of activity in both the EU and US timezones.
-Corporate and alliance logistics services in addition to competitively priced contacted ships available at all deployment systems.

What we expect from you:

-We expect you to both enjoy and be knowledgeable about combat in EVE. You should be able to hold your own in a fleet; and understand our doctrines.
-A healthy attitude, the willingness to learn, and the drive to be a part of our community. We need you to have a microphone; and you should be comfortable using it.
-Real life should come first; and we are flexible with our members. But if you aren’t able to consistently maintain an active presence in fleets our corporation may not be for you.

Minimum requirements

*Each recruit is processed on case-by-case situations.
-500 to 1000 kills in the last YEAR OR a minimum of 1500 to 2000 kills throughout your EVE Careeron the characters you are bringing in!
-You need to be financially self-sufficient and capable of supporting your activities while in MAMBA
-You need to be comfortable with using Teamspeak 3 and communicating on comms
-You must be willing to use jabber and discord (discord for text communications OOG)
-You need to provide your full API key for your main account; and any alt accounts joining MAMBA. (NO EXCEPTIONS)
-A voucher from a current member is preferred but not having one won’t dismiss your app.
-You MUST have a dread alt!!! (or alt of any kind.) If you do not have an alt, the application will be denied! (speak with recruiters for clarification)

140Mill Sp Pvp Char Looking for nullsec home
Looking for 0.0 corp
(Sufferage) #2

I have had a massive amount of fun in MAMBA since I have joined. Pretty chill leadership, easy to work with and we get to shoot people in the face. Grab and beer and JOIN NOW :slight_smile: