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MAMBA is an 11-Year Old 0.0 flexible PvP Corporation with a VERY interesting history. We have been through the best and the worst this game has to offer us and continue to hold strong with loyal members and great players!

Minimum Requirements:

  • You must prove you are an active PvPer! If you have a ■■■■ KB don’t bother.
  • All applications are taken on a case-by-case basis but we will not accept toons with a craptastic killboard.
  • You MUST have an active, useful alt that flies a FAX! If you have a dread alt as well, even better!
  • If you are an aspiring super pilot: THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE WITH THEM! We are eager to use them at any chance!
  • Mumble-capable with working mic. is a non-negotiable requirement.
  • Must be willing to use all services such as Jabber, discord, and forums.
  • Must be able to fly, or willing to train for, doctrine fleet fittings
  • .Full SSO TOKEN. *– This is non-negotiable. (APIs are going away thanks to CCP)
  • If you have a crappy (Thanks censors. :octopus:) attitude, you need not apply.
  • You will be subject to an open-ended trial, which could end early if you are an exemplary member. :slight_smile:
  • Attention!! You must be financially Self-sufficient!

If you are interested in applying, then head on over to our public recruitment forum and start your application process and join MAMBA Public in game (or even our discord channel). Feel free to contact any of the following:

US Timezeone - Achylies, Var1able Bastanold, Wind Jackel, Myself (available any tz), or Kobutsu (available any TZ)
Oceanic and AUS Timezones: Knova Knight

Here is a LINK to our external application page. Please feel free to fill it out and join MAMBA Public, in game, for any questions! :slight_smile:



  • No false promises! What you see is what you get!
  • Fly with one of the best alliances in EVE!
  • Stable leadership from both corp and alliance!
  • We grew slow, and had time to adjust with our fellow alliance mates!
  • Don’t fall for up-starts promising the world only to fall short due to internal conflicts and lack of real goals!
  • ISK-Making opportunities via alt-corp available!
  • Alliance-Level SRP for qualified doctrine ships!
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • We know RL comes first and foremost!

Not quite sure how the bumps work, but bump! :smiley:

I look forward to meeting new members!

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Still recruiting and the requirements have been adjusted a little. :slight_smile:

Changes coming but still recruiting. Join MAMBA Public in game and say hi!

Recruitment is open but highly selective. If you think you meet the requirements you know what to do! :slight_smile:

IF you do not have a vouch and feel you are that exceptional pilot, join MAMBA public in game and speak with myself or Kobutsu. :smile:


great bunch. Recommend this corp.

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Still looking! Special ‘voucher’ exceptions can be had if you are an exceptional member that meets all requirements. Let us know!

Bump! Still looking for well qualified pilots! :smile: UStz specifically!

If you think you are that exceptional recruit and don’t have a solid vouch, hit me up and we can talk. There is an extra step we can speak about. :slight_smile:

Come by MAMBA public or join our discord server linked in the main post! Looking for more UStz bros!

A boop is a boop of course. :slight_smile:

Bump for June. :slight_smile:

Recruitment is back open (vouch required).

Bump for September!

If you do not have a vouch but you meet all our requirements, please mail me in game and we can chat. :slight_smile:



Daily bump!

Bump! Looking for active US / EU bros!

Daily (ish) bumps :slight_smile: