Null Sec Corp looks for Fleet Comander

Hey people,

my corp memebers are mostly industrialists and miners. Most of us have PVP experience and we want to get better in it. To manage that we need someone who will take on this task. You dont have to be a pro in it. We keep it managable and our alliance does the job well already BUTT… we need an intern pvp manager who can take on the task to actively fly in fleet with our members. You will not be alone on this task since i already have an manager for pvp related stuff. So you will take over the executional part of it. Of course over time you will get involved into the Alliance activities.

Language: English
(If you also can speak german you have a bonus)
Voice com is a must
Send me an E-Mail ingame before applying.
Probation: 1 Month - 2 Months
Null-Sec Area.

Fly Safe o7

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