Null sec corp-PvP-PvE-Industrialists-new player friendly-seeking all players

Welcome to the Aurora Dynamics recruitment page.

We are a Null-sec based Corporation in Northern Coalition. (NC.)Mixed time zones :uk::us::eu:

Aurora Dynamics formed as a part of Intrepid Crossing out of people who wanted to give running our own corporation a shot, we have since then moved to join Northern Coalition (NC.) with the goal of getting more involved in Null Sec life.

We are looking people from all the different branches of eve online. Who are willing to get involved in Null Sec and are open to its many opportunities.
To join you must have a character with a minimum of 7.5 Million skill points and be in Omega status (open for negotiation on a case-by-case basis) – You must also be willing to get involved in Alliance and Coalition level activities.

What we can offer to players joining Aurora Dynamics

  • Regular Pvp Content – As part of the Panfam coalition there are regular fleets you can join as well as alliance Ops
  • Carriers and Dreads - If you have a super carrier or dread you will have plenty of opportunities to use them daily in a umbrella fleet.
  • Null-sec mining – Ice Belts, Ore Anomaly’s, Regular Belts and Moons as well as fully rigged reprocessing facility’s
  • Null-sec Ratting – Free Reign to rat and a low corp tax rate.*
  • Manufacturing, research, and reactions – Our home system has everything you need in place to build anything in the game. We have dedicated Research, invention and Copying stations, Subcaps manufacturing station, Capital Manufacturing station and a reaction station. With rigs for all the above.
  • Regular Jump Freighter Service – If you ever need anything moved feel free to ask we are happy to help or can easily point you out to other options*
  • Moon Mining in Aurora Dynamics
    We as a corporation own a selection of moons ranging from R4, R8, R16, R32 and R64. As a corporation we mine our moons together as a group and split evenly among members. This is a great way of making isk and gaining supplies to fuel the industry side of things.
  • Easy Market access – Our home system is close to two null sec trade hubs and we have regular access to Jita via the Jump Freighter Service*
  • Ore Buy back Program – No need to worry about shipping your Ore back to highsec to sell, the corp offers an inhouse buyback program at a competitive rate
  • Alliance Run SRP and much much more

What Aurora Dynamics expects from you as a member

We don’t have many demands or restriction but we do expect that as a member you take part in corp / alliance / coalition level activities. You don’t have to attend every ping or CTA but we expect a certain level of attendance we don’t have a mandatory Pap amount but we do expect that you take part in helping out when needed. You will also need to be fully ESI compliant.

Please join our public ingame Channel “Aurora Dynamics Public” to get in direct contact with us.

And please let us know what you want to do with your time in eve and we will do our very best to help you reach these goals and or milestones you might have. We all play this game to have fun and not to come on and do chores or be yelled at for doing something in a certain way.

Please join our public ingame Channel " Aurora Dynamics Public " to get in direct contact with us.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send Cerrentha, Raph Daclaw, Weredlazers, Jacobie or Wrecky an ingame mail and we will help you answer any questions you might have.

Discord contacts
Peeky#1255 CEO
Tom Bonnie#6900
Wered#9823 Director
Wrecky#4222 The Mining guy

Peeky peeky peeky

Kill Cpthoyle on sight

Hey there, I am an old player who has played on and off for close to ten years. I am returning to the game after being out of it for a 2 or 3 years. I am looking for a corp that can take my 10ish toons to mine, do PI, build fuel blocks and run JF. If that corp belonged to a larger alliance that could offer me some safety, all the better.

I am good at a couple things : Mining- I have my main toon that can run a rorqual and a horde of toons who can all either mine ore or ice. with maxed out skills- PI - I enjoy doing PI, and any quiet efficient at making fuel blocks or pretty much any other t1 tech. I have loots of BPOs of carriers and smaller ships that I can produce. I can literally shred an entire ore belt by myself in a few hours depending on the size. I have several toons that act as cyno flares for my characters who can run JF, so I can move stuff with ease.

The bad news is I suck at PVP. I have tried to learn it, but something has not clicked for me. I can do ratting pretty well though. I am always willing to learn, but beware I am not the type of pilot you want to rely on in a battle. Until I learn to do better, I would rather not do corp roams or attacking other people. I would rather earn my keep mining, PI, building stuff, and if needed, moving goods around in JFs.

I am not a big fan of running audio coms all the time. When I mine, I tend to form up my own fleet and let any other’s around join in. I can be on discord, but I am not a big talker. Truth be told, I am rather shy until I get to know a group.

If this all sounds like the words of someone you would like to have in your corp, message me here or send me mail in game and we can talk more. My in game main toon in “Terrarizen”

Thanks for reading!

Hello could you message me on discord please wrecky#4222

Any homeless people out there

Hello, Terrarizen, we are defiantly interested in industrial players and are willing to work to teach PVP. If you are interested in joining us please join our public channel in game “Aurora Dynamics Public” to get started.

Thanks, I will check it out today.






Bumped a titan

Bumpy bump :slight_smile:

returning player, recently subbed to Omega with the assist of a friend. Predominantly Indy focussed but happy to fleet up when required for system defence or CTA. After all, we need to protect what’s ours, right? 59 mill SP AU TZ and looking to bring Canadian friend along for chill times. ( Canadian…snow…chill :sweat_smile:) My humour never gets old! Please mail me with contact so we may discuss further. Aeon Tobot

Are you still looking


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