Null Sec Corp recruiting for PVP

Hull N Crossbones is now recruiting for Null Sec PVP operations. We are a brand new Corporation trying to grow our numbers and pew pew in Null.
Obviously PVP is our main focus but we welcome indy and pve as well. Newbros and Veteran players please apply in our Alliance pub Grevious Intent PUB.
Active timezones include US and EU alike, we welcome people of all types although you should have a great understanding of the English language.
Stop by and say hello, you will see that we are a good small group of players looking to grow our numbers. So now is the time to enlist and be apart of a growing community while creating fond memories in Eve.
Please have a working microphone and expect to be active in comms.

Military members and former military members always a plus

Recruitment US: Reith Anneto
Recruitment EU: LexxianV

PUB: Grievous Intent PUB


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We are still recruiting, things are going well, numbers are growing steadily .

Bumpity Do. . We are lookin for you. Steady growing


Bump bump


Bump, growing well and things are going good

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