Null Sec Corp With All Activities

Hello - I am looking for a new corporation to call home. This time around, however, I’m looking for a corporation that has players focused on all areas of the game. So when I get bored of mining I can get into PvP, and when I get bored of PvP I can maybe do some industry. I’m looking to seriously up the amount of ISK I earn per hour, if you think you can help me achieve that, I’d love to join.

Primarily a miner, but I have two accounts currently plexed. I do a lot of exploration with my other account, but sometimes I do some PvE as well.

I’m looking for a group that can show me the ropes with PvP, and maybe help me get better at PvE too. Very eager to learn

I have around 10 accounts total.

Another thing to add: I tend not to enjoy getting on discord calls and talking all that much. Even though I enjoy participating in group activities, I’m not much of a chatter. I have no problem relaying important information, or listening for commands, but I tend to otherwise stay off comms.