[Null Sec Corp] X Ops recruitment open

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X Ops is opening recruitment for all skill levels and all play styles. Our interests vary from solo/small gang frig roams to dread bombs and from exploration to high level mining and indy.

What we bring to the table:
Adult - We’re mature (mostly) players who enjoy the complexity of the game.
Team- We invest in our team members to help them learn and build their skillsets
Fun - Thats the key, everything else is moot.
Variety - Variety is the spice of life. In X Ops we can be on a small gang roam and get pulled into a cap drop that turns into a rorqual fleet with explorers checking out WHs. No CTAs but plenty of options for them. If you want to rat all day, do it. Mine all day, ok. roams, camps, sit in a titan on a LS gate… go for it.

What do we require:
A basic understanding of the game and the willingness to learn. Being able to fly interceptors will get you into a ton of fun fleets but even that isn’t required. Join out public channel, XOps Public, and tell us what you want to do and we’ll let you know if you’re the right fit!

87M SP - Looking for PvE corp in NS
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We’ve recruited a few stellar pilots but are still looking for more! Apply today or join our recruitment channel XOps Public

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