Null Sec / Low Sec Corps ... This ones for you! ...Read On

A Class Apart is seeking to bolster its position as one of the most progressive wormhole alliances’

We are specifically seeking corporations to come and join us in the next phase of our strategic growth.

We would envisage that your corp is bored of the blob mentality, a little tired of the same old, same old, and more importantly, looking for the next stage growth in which to flourish.

A Class Apart Alliance operates out of a C5 (+C5 Static) Wormhole and specialise in small gang PVP and Industrial output.
We have vacancies for small/medium sized corps to join us and share the huge benefits of living in J-Space.

The Alliance itself exists on bringing maximum enjoyment to members and therefore content is not only varied and challenging, but immensely rewarding.

We have a number of limited vacancies available and would like to hear from CEO’s / Diplo’s ( In strict confidence ) who wish to take their corps’ forward.

Ideally, you will either be a PVP focused team who wish to seek more varied and very frequent content through Wormholes, Null and Low Sec or, You will be heading up an Industrial team who wish to exploit the wealth of resources available in J-Space.

Fundamentally, We are an EUTZ Alliance, but we’re open to serious parties from all time zones.

A Class Apart offers your corporation a place to call “Home”, an opportunity for your corp and members to thrive and flourish and be part of a progressive alliance.

Interested parties should, on the first hand, eve-mail Starglider7 or drop into CLASS Diplo for an informative chat.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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