A Class Apart. ... Seeking small/medium Corps

A Class Apart is progressive new Alliance that is seeking active small/medium sized corps to join us.

Living in a C3 Wormhole with a Hi-Sec Static, We offer some fantastic content for your members.
Ideally, you will be PVP experienced however we also offer superb industrial opportunities as well.

What we offer :

  • Close-Knit Alliance
  • Logistics
  • Content
  • Regular Ops (PVP/PVE)
  • NBSI Policy
  • Progressive Outlook
  • Training
  • FUN
  • Much Much more…(including biscuits!)

With no Time Zone exclusions, We would like to hear from (serious) interested parties to join us living the Wormhole life!

Whilst recognizing that this is a game and RL comes first, We place a lot of emphasis on FUN and Community. This makes us A Class Apart.

In the first instance, Please contact Starglider7 or Logan Eto via EvEmail or drop into our Alliance Diplo channel: “CLASS Diplo” for an informal chat.

Up We Go…

A Class Apart are still looking for small/medium sized corps to join their growing alliance.

Dwelling in a C3 with a Hi-sec Static, We offer some of the best content this game has to offer. In addition to which, you’ll be joining some great folk who are knowledgeable and above all, know how to have Fun!

We take great pride in bringing content to members and work as a close-knit group of like minded folk…and we have biscuits!*

So, if you’re a Corp stuck in the doldrums of same old -same old…Come check us out and re-invigorate your corp and members with something exciting, progressive and above all, Fun!

Drop into “CLASS Diplo” for an informal chat or drop Starglider7 or Logan Eto an eve-mail.

  • Stuff Biscuits! - We have Bourbon!.. :wink:

Hey folks, we’re still looking for small/medium corps to join us!

We have pilots of all types of background and help is always available. Our corps work together very closely with mature pilots and keeping fun above all else!

Come speak to us on “CLASS Diplo” or mail StarGlider7 or Logan Eto in-game for a chat.

Up we go!

Growing Alliance offering Fun, Content and Lulz!

Come and have a chat!

We’re still recruiting active small/medium corps. Stop by our diplo channel in-game and have a chat with us!

We’re still looking for active corps to join us!

Offering great content and fun.

If your corp is stuck in a rut, come check us out .

Daily ops including PVP roams, and content creation.
There’s something for Industrialists too with plenty of opportunity.

Ideally looking for PVP orientated corps but not exclusive, come have a chat with us!

Bumpety :slight_smile:

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