A Class Apart C4 Wormhole Alliance

We are “A Class Apart” and we are seeking Corps … Read on…

A Class Apart is a Wormhole Alliance dwelling in a C4 and we are seeking like minded Corps to join our growing alliance.

We are seeking both PVP and Industrial Based Corps to join us.


With regular roams, A Class Apart operates an NBSI Policy.
Both Doctrine and Kitchen Sink Fleets with the emphasis on fun.
Knowledgeable folk and (not bitter) Vets to assist and support.
Superb Industrial Support
Much More…


Superb Mining and PI facilities.
Access to a huge library of Blueprints.
Manufacturing/Reaction/Research facilities.
Knowledgeable folk to assist and support.
PVP Support.
Much More…

A Class Apart dwell and thrive in a C4 Wormhole with both C3 and C4 Statics.
We are looking for active Corps and individuals to join and grow with us.
We offer some of the best content in game and place huge emphasis on fun and team building.

We recognize that RL always comes first and have no T.Z. exclusions.

So if you’re stuck in a rut, tired of running same old sites, looking for a new challenge then get in touch!

Drop into “Class Diplo” in game channel and come have a chat. You’ll find us a friendly bunch of laid back folk.
Alternatively, drop Starglider7 or Logan Eto a mail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Up We Go…

Bumpity Bump

Up We Go…
Still looking for Corps to join us…

Come and have a chat!

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