A Class Apart are seeking an experienced/established Mining Corp to “Head Up” their Industrial Division.

You will already be a high caliber outfit looking for that next challenge/opportunity.
You will be proficient in ship building, mining and other Industrial aspects supported by quality artificers.
You will be a close-knit team that can integrate and work alongside others.
You will be able to work to deadlines whilst supporting Alliance aspirations.
You Will not be disappointed!

A Class Apart offers a fantastic opportunity for a well established mining corp to come and head up our industrial division.
Given a high level of autonomy, Your corp will committed and be able to flourish in our established C4.

We Offer:

Established assets/hardware
Content …and much much more…(With the emphasis on fun!)

We envisage that (serious) interested parties will be looking for the next challenge and something exciting for their members to be involved with, whilst forming a partnership with the Alliances’ PVP Division.
Working together, to continue further growth.

In the first instance, Drop StarGlider7, Logan Eto or WaffleStomper Amelana an in-game mail or pop into “Class Diplo” for an informative chat.

Tell us what you can bring to the table, and we’ll bring the beer.


Bumpety Bump

3 man mining machine … Porpoise/orca pilot and two barge pilots … point me at those rocks … hehe. it’s good to see this I hope you get some bigger options than me.

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