Null Sec PvP corp

Hello and welcome!
Feel like I’m in car sales when introducing the corp. Haha.

Corp name:

Who we are:
US time zones proffered.
Small up and coming pvp focused group. Right now we’re small gang, with the hopes of forming much larger fleet roams and fights.
Currently our alliance is where me get our big fleets from. This includes our 100+ fleet size, cap fights and flash form.
We have pilots specialized in many factions, currently we’re pushing the production of Amarr and Minmitar factions.

What we expect:
Eve has a huge amount of possibilities, can’t enjoy any if you don’t login. We organize corp based roams and mining ops daily.
Our primary source of communications. We have a pretty nice set up.
All pilots will require seat authorization.

Contact us!
Shinsou Tengen - CEO
Natalie Tokila - Logistics
Nick Rende - Capital Commander
Aragorn Angellus - Sub Cap Commander

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