[ Null / Sov ] - Scandinavian Corp looking for new members!

We are looking for Nordic players to join our corporation and all the fun we do out here in our SOV-Space.

For you that have never been to Null and are unsure if you want to try it, read this synonym theory: “The kindergarten Theory”.

We are a small Nordic Corp living with Brothers in Arms Alliance in the west part of New Eden (Delve) and are a member of the coalition: “The Imperium”, which is one of the biggest coalitions in the game.

We are PVP oriented corp that do PVE for ISK and PVP for fun and for the Alliance/Coalition cause and deployment.

If you are a Nordic players that wants to PVP with us and the alliance, PVE - plexes and anoms, build your ships, mine high tier minerals and upgrade your income or just want to have fun and try out Null, we are the corporation for you.

We are doing roams and ganks, attacking infrastructure, POCOS , POSes and so on. We are ratting, building and war deploy with the big boys and get in to big fights.

We accept people with all kinds of activity level and level of knowledge.

We are offering:
* Good Blood Raider ratting space (“Plexes” and “Anoms")
* Daily PVP fleets
* Industrial Programs
* SRP Program (free ship)
* Corporation ISK donation for player development
* Strategic War Deployment with the Alliance
* EVE Politics and Relations
* Jump Bridge systems for long distance travels
* Jump Freighter Services
* Monthly prizes for the most active members

We demand:
At least 1 year absent from any alliance against our own
Participation in Corporation and Alliance tasks, missions and gools.

If you have any questions or need more information about anything, just contact any of us in game.
Open a conversation or just send a mail and we will get back to you.

Deadly Ki-Kunni
Bravie One

Deadly Ki-Kunni
CEO of Yjellio

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Ill Look you guys up when i get online tonight.
Just returned to EVE after years of being offline - still a noob.

Feel free to look us up and join our public channel, Ill sadly be offline today, but others can answer all your questions. :slight_smile:






Hey :slight_smile: very new to the game, and loving it.
Was here looking for a corp, and this might be it.
I’m from DK, so also wanted to Corp with ppl on the same timezone as much as possible :slight_smile:
I’ll msgs someone in game


Hi there,

yes, please contact or join or public channel for more information!



Is Switzerland nordic enough?

I’m in and out of Eve since 2008…and for my shame I only did some null roams (usually with low-sec gangs). I’d like to experience Null-sec to see how much I like it.

Can I contact you?

Fly safe

Amal o7

Hi there,

Sorry mate but Nordic/Scandinavian is Norway, Sweden and sometimes also Finland, Denmark, Iceland.

Hope you find something soon!


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Hi Deadly

I know that Switzerland is not nordic. I found your Introduction and the “Kindergarten Theory” quite interesting. It gave me the feeling that you guys know how to introduce someone into Null-Sec-Life.

I’m still searching for the right Corp. to leave High-Sec behind me.

Good luck to you guys o7


Ahh okey, well contact me ingame around 20:00 EVE Time or so if you are online today and Ill see if I can give you some names!


Are you still active?
My name is Silverstone. I have played the game from Beta but right now Im not sure what to do. Im looking for a corp that are activ in PvP. I have around 215M SP and do just PvP. Right noe I have had a break from EvE but if I find the right corp Im on again :smile: