Nullsec Corp Seeking Recruiters

Null-based corp seeking two recruiters - one in US tz and one in UK/EU tz. We are members of a large sov-holding alliance. This is a paid position - a finders fee for successful placement of new recruits with the corp, and an additional fee paid after the new member has remained active in the corp for 60 days.

We are primarily seeking pvp players, or pve players who wish to transition to or enhance their pvp skills. We offer all of the benefits that a large, sov-holding alliance has in place and the opportunity to become valued members of both the corp and the alliance in sig, squad or FC capacities.

Successful applicants for the recruiter position will not be required to join the corp, though they are welcome to if desired, but will have to submit their ESI for review in either case before being selected. An alt is acceptable as well, and its ESI will also need to be submitted for review.

Additional details will be discussed privately with the applicant.

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