(NullSec)(EU/US)The Sinister Hack [BRAVE]


Join The Sinister Hack today!

We are a small corporation within the BRAVE alliance, starting out new from the flames of an old corporation. Join us while we grow and have fun enjoying EVE Online in a fun environment.

The Benefits of Joining The Sinister Hack:

➼ Free starter ships
➼ Access to moon & ice mining
➼ Access to industrial Stations
➼ Corporate buyback and alliance buyback
➼ Both large & small scale PVP
➼ Fleet SRP for Doctrine Ships
➼ Logistic Services for all your moving needs

How I join?

You can apply to our corporation following the instruction here.

You can join our recruitment discord at Brave Diplo + Recruitment and talk to us in the public the-sinister-hack channel.


Join the public recruitment channel in game called “The Sinister Hack - Recruitment”

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