Nullsec PVE/PVP/Mining, Lots of freedom to do what you want

Starfleet’s Academy is looking for mature, visionary and relaxed players who just like to play EVE. We are part of Querious Fight Club in null sec. We do not rent our space in Querious, we own it. Our alliance rules are relaxed - we do not force our members to give up hundreds of millions of ISK, or even demand that you come to the alliance’s defense during the larger PvP events. We have EU/US time zones. The majority of us are Romanian and American. Starfleet is basically the American corporation, but we invite all English-speakers.

Starfleet’s Academy is the newest corporation in the alliance and could use people like you to help build it into a greater home for EVE players.

I’ve spent 20 days as a member and so far I can say that Starfleet offers complete freedom to do what you want in EVE. We offer:

:arrow_right:Bottomless ticks ratting in cruisers and carriers earning ~20,000,000 ISK each (breadstick joke in there somewhere)
:arrow_right:Easy access to drone/fighter and smartbombing ratting ships from alliance members who build and sell them. ~40,000,000 ISK ticks for practiced smartbombers every 5 minutes.
:arrow_right:Our alliance owner is the dedicated client for sale of salvage. Any salvage you collect, he will buy from you at 90% Jita BUY price. This helps put a ~20-30,000,000 ISK buff in your pocket.

:arrow_right:Lucrative moon mining. More moon mining content to come.
:arrow_right:Peaceful belt mining with ore buyback program.
:arrow_right:Orca/Rorq/Porpoise boost on request.

:arrow_right:Daily PvP content. We are constantly finding roams, gate camps, and wormholes opening in our space with nice kills in them.
:arrow_right:Help defend our space and protect the freedom we offer to players.

:arrow_right:Freighting services offered from alliance owner at 800 ISK / m3.
:arrow_right:Full API check required.
:arrow_right:TeamSpeak highly encouraged. We are a public server, so come talk to us! Address:, Password: None

:star:We use Near 2, software that analyzes our intelligence channel to warn us when hostiles enter our space. Download available at
:star:TeamSpeak for better communication and bonding with weirdos on the internet. Download available at
:star:Check before you jump! We use EVE gate-check to make sure our routes are clear of hostiles.

WARNING: We are currently at war with 3 high security space gate-camping corporations. These are corporations that evade CONCORD intervention and kill our ships in high sec. If you join Starfleet’s Academy, it is imperative that you first move your assets and yourself to our home station in null sec before accepting corp invitation.

If you would like to join Starfleet’s Academy, you can reply here on the forums. You can also:
Contact our recruiters in-game (at basically all hours of the day and night because these guys have no life): mug27, mug26, Orguss1, Jitajoe Rin, Aran Nero, and Cerberus Helkroft.

You can also join our teamspeak channel and our in-game recruitment channel:
Starfleet Recruiting Lobby

We are looking for:
PVP Pilots
PVE Pilots
IndustrialistsThis text will be hidden

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