Nullsec - Rage Confederacy is Recruiting Pilots of all Skill Levels

Rage Confederacy - New Players Welcome! Rage Confederacy is recruiting pilots of all skill levels and interests. We are a nullsec corporation in the Kill All The Things LLC Alliance.

We offer:

-Rich PvP Content
-Multiple PvE Outlets
-Profitable and Boosted Moon/Belt/Ice Mining
-Industry of all types
-Best Exploration Sites in the game
-New Player Friendly
-Close to stocked Market

Join Rage Public for more information or to speak with a recruiter.

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just applied

Hi I’m roughly 120m skill points but not active. I’m looking for null training and new Bros to fly with

Put in an ingame application.

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Join Rage Public and speak with a recruiter

We are New Player Friendly!

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