Nullsec sov-holding alliance recruiting corps and pilots

Sentinel Dawn


A multi-role alliance with a special interest in PvP. We have everything that you need to make your corp a great place for it’s members, and we have more content than any pilot could wish for. Being in the PAPI/Legacy coalition we have many allies and access to an array of fleets and services. A dedicated leadership team makes sure that things run smoothly and people are taken care of.

Have a suggestion and want to see a change? We have a Discord channel for that. We’re not a dictatorship and we want our members to be happy and if that means a positive change then so be it. You don’t need to be in leadership or a CEO to influence constructive changes here.

Read more about us below to learn more.

Who we are:

A Legacy alliance formed from the closing of Rezeda Regnum. We have corporations in the Russian, North American, UK and Central & Western European timezones that specialise in a mix of PvP and industry.

What we do:

We have prime and quiet ratting space fit with full pirate upgrades that spawn Havens and Sanctums. We also have ore upgrades installed that spawn ore anomalies across our constellation.

We have some extremely valuable R64 moon that are set to pop every couple of days.

We have a Fortizar for you to call home, along with manufacturing in an Azbel and Raitaru. We have full reactions structures set up for biochemical, hybrid and composite reactions. We also have T2 moon ore reprocessing and ice reprocessing.

Alliance tax:

The base rate tax on our moons is 20%. Some times free-mines are given and the tax rate is cut in half for certain moons.

Our PI customs office tax is set to 3% and our blueprint services, manufacturing and reactions is no higher than 4%. This is the lowest tax out of any of our allies and is generally recognised as being a very low tax rate. Some times we hold a CTM (Call To Mine) about once per month, and in return for helping out with the CTM the pilots get to free-mine our most valuable R64 moon.

Where we live:

We live in a relatively quiet constellation in Querious in which we own sov, with ansiblex connections to lowsec and Delve along with connections throughout the region. It’s quiet enough to rat in, but only 5 jumps away is where you can find plenty of content.

Just 5 jumps out is a well stocked and thriving market.

Daily life:

As we’re part of Legacy we can take part in many fleets. Both home defence and StratOps in the region we live in and massive full-scale war fleets in the Delve region.

We have SRP to help you replace any ship that you might lose.

We like to do BlackOps fleets and have a BlackOps SIG for those interested.

We also have a Marauder SIG for those who really like to throw around their blingy toys!

The alliance CEO is a coalition fleet commander, so if you’d like to hone your FC skills and rise through the ranks of an FC you’re in the right hands. We’re always looking for more fleet commanders.

Who can join:

We’re always looking for individuals to join us. If you’re into industry, you might like to join our specialist industry corp. If you’re into PvP and are an experienced pilot you might like to join our PvP corp.

But if you’re still learning and need some training, we have a corp for that too.

We’re also looking for corporations to join us, so if you’re the CEO of a corporation of any size we’d love to have a chat about you joining us.

We have a fully functional auth site and SeAT for corp CEO’s to use to help with recruitment and vetting. We also have an alliance TeamSpeak and Discord server.

Our requirements:

All pilots must be registered on our Discord and SeAT.

We have a regional standing fleet that pilots must join whenever logged in. This is so that people are able to assist each other. If someone needs help all they need to do is link their system and put “xxx” in the fleet chat and they will get a small fleet heading their way to assit.

Rorqual pilots must adhere to a set of rules that are there for their safety. These rules range from being on comms, to being fit for tank and having an out cyno ready just in case.

Our number one thing is that real life always comes first! But if you are online and have the time, when a home defence of CTA fleet goes up you should make every effort to get on it. This area is kept safe by us and our allies and we should participate and contribute to the measures our allies take to help make this area safe.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, just message Reticuli Zeta in-game or catch me on Discord: ReticuliZeta#6436

Thank you for your time.

Sentinel Dawn

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