Number Indicator for New/Unread broken

For one or two days now, the number indicator on New/Unread seems to be broken. For one, often I don’t receive any notification in form of an appearing number in parentheses on new entries in either category until I F5 the forum. Clicking on the EVE Online logo in the top left reloads the forum but does not make indicators show up, only F5 seems to do that.

And then there is inconsistency going on with the indicator:

Here you see that there should be 0 New topics and 1 Unread topic available. This screenshot is on the main forum page, not a sub forum.

When I click on Unread, as shown above, the Unread category is empty even though it shows (1). I did not dismiss a topic, and even if I did the indicator would disappear in the past.

When I click on New, it actually listed a topic and the number indicators were adjusted properly to 1 New, 0 Unread. If I now click on the EVE logo in the top left, I am back at the screenshot 1 state. Pressing F5 adjusts the indicators properly, though.

This behavior only started to show up 1 or 2 days ago.


Ctrl + F5. This will full reload webpage.

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I’ve noticed the same problem since yesterday.

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Thanks for the advice. However, this is not a solution to the problem. Clicking the button or link back to a main page on the website to reload the page, like it’s standard on any other website, should properly load and refresh any content on the page. Additional F5 after you loaded the main page, for instance, is nothing that should be even remotely considered a thing.

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I had this issue for the past week or so…

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