Broken forum?

Sorry I didn’t find the “forum issues” section, if it exists at all.

I’m wondering why I’m still seeing posts from a forum member I just put on ignore. Is the forum broken?

Their forum posts should be ‘hidden’, but you can still see the post and open it to read it.

If that isn’t the case, maybe close and re-open the browser?

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That’s what I thought the ‘ignore’ scheme would give me but it subverted my expectations.

Yep, did that. That’s why I’m asking if the forum is broken.

Weird. It’s been a while since I last put a forum member in ignore, but when I did, it worked for me.

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@Gerard_Amatin I guess it’s a temporary lapse. She’ll be ignored soon enough, lol, although I’m already doing that. I just discovered the Ignore function and wanted to try it.
I’m having fun reading about all the complaints the players have with CCP. It feels like a mess so much so that I started thinking the forum are a mess too.

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