Dealing with forum spam

I recall the forums not having an ignore feature, but after a mention of it in here, I figured I’d double check the settings again. There indeed is such a feature, not sure if there is a limit to it.

At least we can try to keep our own view somewhat clean, since CCP are unable/unwilling to deal with a certain individual.

Write in character name and choose length of desired ignore time. Accept by pressing the “Ignore” button.

The ignored user is displayed in this white box. I suspect this is new, since this looks horrible… CCP fix?

Posts will automatically come up as hidden.


Good info, well layed out. Thank you!


Thanks Maekchu, I think there may be a limit as the last person I have on my list - i’m still seeing posts from them.

I’ve used the second option and blocked the person for 4 months - maximum timeframe.

This feature is amazing, my experience is now a quieter one.


Much appreciated. But I hate censoring myself from childish gamers, where’s the fun?

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There seems to be an issue with ignored posts coming up as “unread” in the overall view. They are correctly hidden once in the thread.

EDIT: This only seems to be an issue if the ignored person is the last to have replied in the thread.

Can this be fixed so ignored posts do not show as “unread”?

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Seems like the ‘Muted’ List only works for a number of user names added and not everyone.

Seems like the ‘Ignored’ list underneath only holds 3 names…?

Played around with the feature a bit more, added up to 7 characters and seemed to work fine.

Did find one weird bug, but it doesn’t impact the ignore functionality. Basically, whenever I tried to add a new user, the name of the previously added was already filled in the “Username”. It only seems to be an issue if you’ve recently added someone to the list.

So might be possible you have some other bug going on.

I will never ignore anyone. I love everybody. Even the stupid ones.

Especially the stupid ones.


So you type a lot? get it? Judging others via text certainly makes you look like a space cadet lol.

No, I love you the most. Get it?

Stupid is as stupid does.

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You’re on drugs, drunk? An aggressive eve player? Either way I’m enjoying. Keyboard commandos lmao.

No, winners dont do drugs.


Ive always enjoyed your presence, immensely.

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I’m glad my short presence has left an impression. You need it. I played fallout 4 for 1200hrs, but that’s 1-player (i hope).
This is new, sorry to make you think I’m someone of note in this dead community->certainly not.
A second month is not worth it, the game is nerf bats and bubble wrap suits. Plus every puff of live-resin is acting like a tranquilizer, not inspiring me to eve.


If you close the page and open it again from another tab immediately after adding someone it resets and you can add another person.

I choose to ignore those who I can’t convert to my way of thinking.

Its a waste of time to listen to those who fail to agree with me.

When somebody runs into a restaurant, takes off all his clothes and starts humping the drapes and gets tased by police officers, his short presence leaves an impression too.


Yes because living in echo chambers has been nothing but positive, right?

You remember me

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No. Please remind me.

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It would appear the individual in question has been taken care of for now.

We’ll monitor the situation.

Keep it civil.