CCP - Please change forum settings


There’s various threads in specific Sub-forums that were created for multiple posting, such as My Eve Sub-forum, Events Forum, Marketplace Forum, etc.

For some unknown reason a limitation has been enacted and this message pop’s up when I try to post a reply in a Character Portrait contest thread in Events Forum.

No more than 3 consecutive replies are allowed. Please edit your previous reply, or wait for someone to reply to you.

Please revert this rule…


I don’t know what this thread is about except for the title but CCP, the forum is fine. Disregard o7

You probably need to go back to school and learn reading comprehension…

Also why are you posting in my thread, you supposedly had me blocked. Now go post your troll replies somewhere else…


Very much agreed. This rule is rather annoying. I suppose it’s there to prevent too much spam from bots but it annoys actual users much more. As it is evident with this crap posting bot Han Zealot.


Hey there, this isn’t a new rule - looks like it’s a default setting which has never been changed. I’ve bumped the number up a bit so hopefully it gets in the way less often, but I can’t remove it completely.


OK, thanks for the reply.

I understand not wanting any spam posting to be done, but there are various thread topics in different sub-forums that actually encourage it, such as the Eve Screenshots thread or case in point, the Character Portrait thread.

Thanks again for looking into this issue and for bumping up the amount.


I wish I could change such settings by category, but unfortunately they’re global for all sections.

Thanks for flagging this for me.


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