Thread Post Limit for more readable discussions?

Hi CCP and fanbois,

could we get a limitation on posts per thread per day per person? Some discussions quickly end up being 2-3 people throwing huge amounts of comments around, only directed at each other, only to see who gives up last, always repeating the same stuff over and over in different words. While not all of this is trolling, it really makes threads unreadable, because having 1000+ replies and only maybe 100 that are on topic kind of kills the purpose of a forum. Sucks for the guy with post #874 who has a good comment but I will never read it due to the mountains of personalized off-topic-ish stuff around it.

How about this: Limit on daily posts in a thread per person.
OP: 6
Everyone else: 3
(Maybe 6 for people who have proven to be productive parts of discussions rather than using it for their forum feudes)

Enough to be involved in the argument, while keeping things readable.


I agree 100%. Only give the OP tools to do it rather than making every thread work that way.

I disagree. Yes this can be the case in general discussion but there are ample times when that limit would easily be exceeded while still maintaining a civil and productive discussion.

I mean say a poster requests feedback on a fit. If I respond, they ask why I made my comments, I respond, they seek clarification, I respond again and I’m out till the next day. That either stifles discussion or… Given EVE, people create new topics just to.circumvent the rules and you get a flood of short topics of limited value.


Since in your example you prove to be a productive part of discussions, you’d of course have the privilege to post 6 times in the same thread per day :smiley:

I mean, I get your point. Limitations surely have a downside, but without them every thread is open to be hijacked for the use of personal feuds, which are sometimes not even completely off-topic, but driven by the need to have the last word and they clutter discussions.

Maybe 3 is not enough, maybe 6 is not enough. How about 6 and 12 then? Usually - within the timeframe of 1 day - posting more than 6 times in the same thread becomes unproductive, if you are trusted enough to provide 12 anwers in the same thread, you’ll have all the space to reply to all questions and get into the last detail of it.

Of course this measure could also work to teach people focussing on the topic and open new posts for different topics. I’d personally prefer that to topics being hijacked.

No PM, no mute person, no signatures, and you want them to add some kind of functionality.

Just forgid it. :psyccp:


Cynism is just another form of defeat, so yeah, I want this functionality :smiley:

The remaining members of ccp’s depleted community team should implement this restriction.

Yet …

You can unlock MORE POSTS.



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Having the option to hide particular persons their comments would be sufficient, there is only like 3 people on this forum who’re causing this :black_medium_small_square:

Flag them as spam, write a properl explaining post so ISDs get to understand and flag your oen post as spam as well, so they actually read it. Assuming your explanation is actually written properly, and assuming the ISD actually reads it, chances are high that the derailing parties and your own post vanish as if nothing happened.

This works, but it’s up to you to make it work.

If you want to put more into it, go through the posting history of the offending parties, write down all threads you find where they keep doing this and file a ticket. Explain your reasoning well enough and you will be heard. Putting an end to trolls who try to trigger simpler minds, putting an end to inflated egos and ping-pong-posts (aka back and forth for no gain at all) and putting an end to wackos who argue with themselves is something we, as the people on these forums, need and should take care of ourselves.

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