Slow mode should be limited to the first 24h

Keeping topics stuck in “slow mode” beyond the initial interest period is just lazy. Stop doing that. Set a hard limit at 24h even.

Why, there’s very rarely a need to spam post in information threads like that. You can do your bickering somewhere else.


Post editing is disabled. Posting every 15m is still spam imo, but the ability to edit an existing post is not.

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I’ll repeat, it’s an information post. They’re not interested in rage posting negative nancies who just can’t control their obsessive behaviours, and neither are the rest of us.


They probably put them on slow mode when somebody at CCP is required to read them. Nobody wants to read through 5000 angry troll posts. At least the slow mode reduces the amount of reading.

That could be it, but at the point where the natural flow would be 15m or less anyway it really should be off.

See how im replying to two different persons making completely different points?

There’s nothing useful that any player could comment in that thread that requires more than 1 post every 15 minutes. You can also reply to multiple people in the same post by tagging them or quoting them. Stop freaking out over nothing.

Post editing is the problem with “slow mode”. There is already a mechanic in place to deal with spammers and trolls, but the 15m timer is a non issue.

Yes and the thread started out ■■■■ and continues to be ■■■■. It’s like you lack self awareness.

Let me put it like this: It takes two to tango, if you keep bickering back and forth with someone else (even if you’re correct) you continue the back and forth which adds to the overall shittiness of the forums. This is already bad in normal threads, like this one, but significantly worse in information threads.

If you feel the 15 minute rule is cramping your style you probably should come to the realisation they put it in place specifically for people like you. And that will be my last reply here. Otherwise I’m adding to the problem, see.

Is a non issue

Then heed your own advice and go somewhere else. You are not contributing in any way shape or form. You are in fact behaving exactly like these “raging nancies” every time you post something.

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Would be nice, wouldn’t it? Or at least allow editing. But since we all know what CCP thinks of “thoughtful, constructive and nice”, this will not happen. They have even started to remove posts from topics without alerting the poster and giving them a chance to contest the removal.

Slow mode should be ON ALWAYS on EVERY topic(even here in General). I don’t think normal posters have a need to post more then once every 15min in one topic.

I’m honestly not surprised.

Realistically, as long as post editing were enabled id be fine with that.

Edit: I still believe slow mode should expire after a preset window, but if every topic had a 15min post timer it wouldn’t be all bad. Only if post editing was still allowed. Further illustrating my point about editing is this edit I am currently making for the purposes of clarifying my earlier statement.

Then be certain of what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. Don’t just spam posts because you’re having a knee jerk reaction. Again, stop freaking out over nothing.

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Id rather just have the option to edit. Like normal.


And I’d rather the children on these forums not spam announcement posts from CCP with their whining and knee jerk reactions, freaking out over stuff that has nothing to do with the announcement post. But we can’t all get what we want.


We’re talking about the uselessness of slow mode and edit blocking and you’re over here ranting about children freaking out about off topic things… maybe find a mirror?

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I guess the point can be hard to see if you always have your eyes closed and your mouth open

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