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You know how some people have to have a love fest and respond to each other 50 times in one topic?

I propse the Posting Delay, the time between posts in a topic, increase by 10 seconds for each post a person makes in a topic within the last 7 days!


Think it’s going to be kinda annoying for the OP, since they usually like to respond to replies, so they naturally have a higher amount of posts and higher posting frequency.

But I get your point.


They should just enable private messages, so people can take their arguments into private convo’es.

Isn’t that what these things are supposed to be for?

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Settings > Admin > Enable Private Messages

would be good if it was turned on.


There’s an interesting feature I’ve seen used on other forums, where a troublesome user is placed on a global ignore list. It means people have to active opt in to see their posts. Lets them scream into the void without troubling the conversation.

What defines a person as troublesome would be an issue though. CCP take the approach (at least in policy if not in practice) of increasing the severity of punishment until it reaches permanent ban.

Where both fall down is that it is easy to roll new accounts and characters and avoid bans on one character by using another.

In the case I saw, someone who was relentlessly off-topic and opinionated. Some people still turned on the ability to see his posts and talked to him, so he was only engaging with them instead of creating alt accounts to evade bans.

Moved to Forum Feedback and Request section and cleaned up off topic postings.

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Enabling the ability to edit flagged-and-hidden posts in Slow Mode topics would be nice, because the bot still says I can do that 10 minutes after a flag-hide happened but Slow Mode says “nuh-uh”.

Adding the “and you cannot edit posts” line to the Slow Mode line would also be nice.

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