Completely hide posts from users

There is a certain user who is constantly harassing me in a thread by posting a reply to every single post I make, often containing personal insults, even though I never answer him. I told him to stop once, which probably motivated him even more, I blocked him but I still see that there is a hidden answer to my post.

Why is there no option to completely hide a certain user? I want him gone from my sight, it’s seriously starting to get to me and that is probably what he wants. If I could completely hide him that problem would just be gone.

Some people can be really annoying, so I understand why you would block this person, especially if he just keeps insulting (and yes, he seems to do that a lot if I see his responses).

For clarity it is better to know that someone posted in between a thread rather than being completely in the dark about his posts. Other people who haven’t blocked him see (and may respond) to his posts after all.

But if you want such an option on these forums, know that CCP is not the creator of these forums, you should ask Discourse to implement that feature.

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If only muting someone would prevent their topics from showing up in the Newest section. I have this moronic Big Lottery guy muted but I keep seeing her annoying ads.

But since Discourse is such a social crap dung platform, you won’t get features that limit asocial behavior of other people.

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It actually looks like they implemented or activated this without even mentioning it anywhere :astonished:

Thank you CCP!!

Oh no, it was just a glitch and up on reloading the page it shows up again. sad

This is kind of a shot in the dark and I don’t know if it would work, but the thought occurs to me that you might be able to simulate this effect with some kind of ad blocking software that blocks some element on the basis of the name, or the character portrait URL, if it is consistent.

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