Can no longer block shitposters?

It was the best feature of the old forum, you could block people who never contributed anything to discussions but posted all day everyday anyway. Now you can’t. At least on Reddit you don’t have to wade through stupid posts because they get downvoted into invisibility.


You have to manually add the respective characters to the Muted Characters text box under preferences -> Notifications. Very intuitive and feature implementation to actively discourage blocking users.


This only disable notifications but don’t hide that people. But better this than nothing.

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Wow, that’s really terrible. Even on the horrible twitter and facebook feeds you can completely block people that ruin your discourse (pun intended).

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Twitter, Facebook? What is this? Never used and I don’t care. This was on old form and I want have option to don’t see people i don’t like or trolling me. Trying to lure in personal flame etc.


I don’t use Twitter of Facebook either, but these platforms have tools to shut up people who do not contribute to your discourse. The old forum had this, too. Yet this forum technology, which is heavily influenced by platforms like facebook (infinity scroll, badges, bubble ions, tons of barely useful stats, pictures and useless gif in posts, etc.), lacks crucial features like these individual moderation tools and is a rushed work in progress to establish basic functionality instead of improving the experience.



Totally wrong. Because something is not on our forum, doesn’t mean discourse don’t have plugin for that.

We can very much block shitposters, so stop spamming :slight_smile:


I have my doubts. :slight_smile: Apparently Discourse is not interested in the fact that 54% of the questioned users make use of the mute/block function, but 46% are almost half of the userbase and those people are more important than the 54%. Call me a nitpicker, but describing Discourse’s track record for being reasonable with mediocre would be very benevolent.


Really? I already mark several shitposts as spam and no reaction from your side…

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Don’t log in. One less shitposter.


Perhaps he liked my GIFS… I liked Falcons emoji very fitting.

They did have a hidden message after all.

Hitting a melon, Well isn’t this post swinging for a smashing.
Someone is barking about shitposting while we have to look at this whinny topic.
The cat is trying to, well not really sure. Same for this post because the OP hasn’t bothered to even understand how to use these forums.

MJ, because well the door is behind him & lets close it behind us & move on. Since this is a pointless topic.

Sulks in the corner, i like these GIFS… they say a picture = 1000words. GIF’s must be over 9000.

We review every flagged post and handle it as we see fit. However, It is not our policy to reply back to the person that created the flag. Just because you don’t get a personal response back doesn’t mean we aren’t doing what we can behind the scenes :slight_smile:


I would very much like to be able to totally hide some content due to the animated gifs being posted. The posts have been flagged as spam.

A mute feature would be handy as there are some people that I really just don’t care to see the posts of. In fact, it’s more intrinsic for me to have to deal with them and potentially get punished because I reacted to something I didn’t want to see in the first place.

Flagging posts does not always work because they have to be in clear violation of the rules, and a clever troll can skirt them entirely. Therein, if the flagging system does not eliminate the problem, it must be allowed for the user to do so.

The old forums had this feature, as did the Dust 514 forums, and it is important to have it on the new forums now. We shouldn’t have to look to a Moderator and hope for the best.

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