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Before I participate on a forum I usually like to know if there’s a Mute and/or Block feature on the site. Too many toxic and bad people having unbridled unmoderated speech online while regular folks are gagged and censored so I usually like to start a forum with a few parameters set.
I have found the Mute feature but I haven’t found the Block feature. Any help/explanation on that would be welcome.

Block isn’t available initially.

I think you need to have earned certain badges or participated a certain amount.

@ISD : can you shed light on what the criteria is to be able to block.

However OP, there is a lot of useful information and helpful people here. The type of replies tend to echo the type of posts being responded to. Toxicity breeds toxicity if you get the drift.

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This forum software is free and open source, called Discourse. They do have a user guide, but it is not comprehensive.

The functionality does exist, but Discourse has a “spam prevention feature” where the more you participate the more things become unlocked.

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@Scipio_Artelius @Io_Koval
Makes sense to me. Thanks!

When you view a profile of a user, you have two options:

Will confirm, but I don’t believe there is any criteria to being able to use these.

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