Is there an option to block users on this forum? Where?
All it allows me to do is ignore notifications.


Yes, in your own profile settings under ‘users’ you can add people to ignore.

All it allows me to do is ignore notifications.

Is there an option to block users on this forum?

If you look at your profile preferences and scroll further to the right than the tab ‘notifications’ you will find the tab ‘users’ where you can block or mute usernames.

I looked. I cannot block users, I can only ignore notifications from given users.

Is there a moderator who can explain?

To be clear, when you look here:

and then click the tab at (1):

there is no option for you to add users to ignore (2) ?

If this option is missing for you, there is only one thing I can think of.
The ‘tiered’ system of this Discourse-type forum gives more frequent forum users a few more privileges that are not be available for an account new to the forum. Maybe ‘ignoring users’ is one of those privileges.

If that is the case, then keep posting, liking and reading and it may eventually appear.

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Must be because I haven’t been on here long enough. TYVM

In this old Discourse blog post I found I see that trust level 1 users can mute other players and trust level 2 users can ignore other players.

That post may not be entirely accurate for the privileges on the EVE forum as EVE forum mods can modify the trust level privileges on their own, but I’m pretty sure that’s why you cannot see it yet at trust level 0.

Okay. Moderators don’t trust me enough yet.

I just wanted to post this quick reply to clarify; Trust level is based on activity on the forums. So, as you become active on the forums, you will naturally gain trust levels automatically and will have more options open to you. That said, if you do have someone who’s bothering you, I would recommend you to file a support ticket here.

Hope this helps and welcome to community! :slight_smile:


@ISD_Yumi Thank you. Not used to a forum that doesn’t have ability to block.
It’s ok. Unusual forum for an unusual game.