Blocking in this forum

One of the best features of the EvE interface is the ability to simply block the communication from the name-calling children in the game. It makes it so much more enjoyable to not have to hear the noise. Could that be implemented here? I didn’t see that function if it already exists, but it would save the adults some time.

You click on the person’s name that you want to block, go to their profile, and there is an option to ignore them. It doesn’t completely hide them though, but it does collapse all their posts to “Hidden Comment.”

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Thanks. I knew it was probably my own ignorance. This will save a lot of time and annoyance.

Censorship is bad.
Immature people who can’t handle words and thus promote censorship are even worse.

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The ones who have hidden their profiles however, I don’t think can be censored.

And the above statement is true.

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Those are the worst people by default.
They have something to hide.

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Blocking is bad, people block everyone who doesn’t agree with them, and then they proclaim “Everyone agrees with me”.


Blocking when done sporadically is good, some people’s posts aren’t worth any attention.

I agree blocking is bad when people block more than a couple of people, to ignore opposing views for example.


I thought Lenin was the good guy. No?

Topic Closed.

As the Question the Op asked was answered, I will go ahead and close this.