Ignoring people on eve forums

Hi there,

We all know how it goes…Eve is rife with antagonisers and I was wondering if there is a way to block them completely on here?

If there isn’t might I suggest to CCP to please enable this functionality as it might save some time having to deal with the antagonisers.

I got no time for racist folks and I would be happy if I could self moderate my experience here by way of ignoring. A dev response would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


Blocking people is for the weak. It is in your responsibility to be able to accept what people say or write. You’re asking for a way to personally censor reality. This means you ask for a way to protect yourself from the words of others, because you’re not able to deal with them, or accept them.

Freedom of speech > your personal need for protection.

Learn to accept what you don’t like, instead of demanding that you can block it out. They’re just words! No one but yourself forces you to put time into these words. If you feel forced, then the problem is you.

They’re words. Nothing more. Your reaction has to do with you, and not the words themselves.


Well, he is not inhibiting other people’s freedom of speech when he blocks them. If that was the case, muting forums or topics or users’ notifications (which you already can) would also be a form of violation of freedom of speech.


He is merely asking for the echo chamber that he gets everywhere else :wink:
In this age, people have become so accustomed to being protected from all the thoughts and contrary opinions they can’t accept or agree with that it’s really completely and utterly ruined society.


Notifications… no. Topics… yeah, kind of.

I guess i should change it to the more adequate “self responsibility”. Ignorance isn’t Strength, and it’s not a way of dealing with something. It’s the opposite. I understand thyt people don’t want to see certain things, but they’re just words. It’s not a snuff video.

It is the same with people who demand ganking to be removed. It affects their feelings and they do not know how to handle it, and therefore they want it gone. If it’s about blocking it, or about banning it, isn’t important. Out of view = gone, from their perspective.

That’s not how adults should operate.


If what youre saying is accurate then why not get rid of the forum moderators? Let’s not stop there let’s turn off the censorship on swear/rude words as well.

The real issue is that people who are out of order on here are insecure and wouldn’t be able to handle being blocked.

Its not a question of being able to handle what’s said its more about not being bothered and having complete apathy for what idiots type. There are some of you I don’t have time for.

I’m not the one to make that call, and mods are needed, because Laws exist which reduce the people’s priviledge of free speech. A company has to obey these laws. There’s also sometimes a need to keep things in check, when malicious people start hijacking a thread, blocking other people’s ability to communicate.

I’m not advocating for Anarchy, I’m advocating for self responsibility, Aaron.

You seem worried…are you afraid you will be blocked? Self responsibility is blocking known antagonisers from interacting with you.

I read the topic and considered it and it makes sense in the form of not wanting to read posts of certain people. I sure hope that’s what you meant and not block them from posting.

I can get what you say about not wanting to read certain peoples opinions, and wanting a method of filtering that out makes sense to me.

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This is silliness. I never would have had you down for such things Aaron.

Seems logical to me. Some people are not worth reading. We had somewhat of an ignore function on the previous forum, why am I silly for REQUESTING something similar here?

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I kinda support this since i do regularly use similar function on reddit. Also it would be really cool if CCP would give us an ability to make custom word filters so we would be able to preemptively block all whining the about cloaky, suicide, RMT, plex prices and bots stuff( come on, it was already old 7 years ago).

I’m all for a blocking feature too.

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I know you mean well but you are giving these people too much power. Don’t let them dictate how you feel about yourself or influence how you enjoy the forums.

I can remember the days of CompuServe-nothing has changed. We are all just another idiot on a message board.


Actually going to have to with Aaron on this.
I get where YP is coming from, but part of the way a person exercises her responsibility is to ignore what cannot be reasoned with. Once I have deemed a particular person (account, site, phone number, etc.) to be harmful to myself (physically, psychologically, morally, or financially), then I should be able to ‘politely’ ignore them or otherwise avoid engagement.

You CAN do this without technology, but just like anything about humans, while we aren’t all created equally, technology does a great bit to even the scales and allow a person to do what others can. Much like glasses can help those whose eyes are WEAK engage and participate in society in a normal fashion, technological aids such as a block function can help those whose particular mental facilities might be weak in ignoring external possible threats (hypervigilance) engage and participate in societal norms.

However, having said all this, I also believe it’s a person’s responsibility to not abuse technological aids.

So, I’m okay with a block/ignore function.

–Bored Gadget


None the less it is not. You cannot expect to experience actual debate if you screen people who’s input you do not enjoy. Far better to steel one’s self against the icy grip of “being offended” and just deal with opinions you don’t like / agree with for the sake of a balanced view.

There are rules to prevent actual abuse, and that’s why the “why do we even have moderators” point is meaningless. The mods enforce the actual rules quite ruthlessly, so there is no need for a block function. If you are offended by words (I haven’t really seen much racism, here and there maybe but no more than in life and even then racism is against the actual forum rules) you probably shouldn’t be on the internet, for your own well being.

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I like the idea, but I just block them in my mind. I know it’s hard for some people, but literally 1/3 of people on this forum hold on tight to their ignorances and cannot be reasoned with. I just pity them and move on, but for some it’s unacceptable and they have to be confronted…

Aint nobody got time fo dat…

It would be a nice feature. There are several neurotics who live on these forums who are not worth reading and are using this forum to fulfill their basic social needs. Better yet, display an icon on your name for the posters you have blocked so that they get the message that you aren’t interested in what they think. This will likely reduce their personal attacks and spam in threads and make the community seem less toxic.

Talking about “racist people” is racism.

I dn’t know any function for this. I think blocking people is mainly intended against spam in chat. But in this forum format it’s not an issue.
It’s like wanting a special ear irl that doesn’t hear some people.

Just try to understad the point of view of others!

Also I already see future forum users saying “ok, blocked, noob” when they have no more arguments.

No, it isn’t. Blocking is the weak’s way out of dealing with feelings he hasn’t learned to cope with. You yourself prove this to be right, by continuously stating that you don’t have time for them, implying that something is forcing you to spend time for responding to them.

Such force does not exist outside of you. It is often simply (and stupidly) called “being triggered”. As it is within your responsibility to not react to whatever “triggers” you, blocking them is admittance to your lack of maturity. No offense, Aaron, but that’s how it works.

No one forces you to take the time to respond to them. No one. And your last post looks like it makes you angry that you’re wrong… which is okay, of course, but at least understand that when you block people, you want a safe space.

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