The N.1 feature in Eve is

Make Eve Zen again :





And is that a crime ?

Should I have to live by your standards ? Should you have to be subject to my annoyance about you ?

No, you’re just another random loser, and so am I.

Randoms dont get to have first class access to my personal gaming space just because they feel the entitlement to, nor would it be good for them to continue down that path.

And so, Block, truly is a wonderful thing.

So is flag a user’s post, which you fell neatly right into, and for your own good as well !

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Yes, and thankfully we can still know when friends are real and when they’re not.

true story , yesterday , not tired of being owned trying to learn station games in jitas door i bought another Augoror navy and got suspect , many guys yellow box me , no one shot, i was f bored , bunch of vul#as i thought, them , BOOOOOOOM , a 95k alpha strike in my lil more than 95k EHP ship , i docked by reflex ,in hull, it was awesome , i congratulate the guys for such a coordinate hit , they invited me to a chat , we chit chatted for a while before i logged off ,nice guys , eve is full of memorable little moments , no other game is like it

What do my standards have to do with it?
Don’t be so self centered!

When you need to block others, then it means you can’t handle them.
When you can’t handle them the problem is you.

He might have emotionally hurt you, broke your trust, annoyed you or exploded your ship,
but none the less is the reacting part the one who has the problem!

By attempting ignoring the problem, you’re not going to change the reaction when the problem happens again! You will just, again, block! You will never grow into simply not caring, like you should.

When you block those you disagree with,
then you’re creating an echo chamber of people who only say what you want to hear!

Why do you try to force your standards onto everyone?



If I block someone, I have not removed their agency.
They can still say and do whatever.
They’ve not been jailed or silenced or … disappeared.

Blocking also does not affect anyone else but myself.
I am the one that has chosen to lose a possible source of information, but the trade off might be worth the potential loss.
And I am perfectly allowed - nay… expected - to have a personal level of minimum standard for direct contact. Otherwise, I would be just a doormat for other people’s use.

Beyond the personal level of decorum that every person has an expectation to, I have not forced my standards on anyone.

The block feature is in general a reactionary tool by its very design much like flagging a post. Flagging, though, should check the community level of standards.

I mind you, I’ve only personally blocked people in game that were spamming trash in channels just for the sake of spamming when it literally makes the chat unreadable. Oh, and they are reported, too.

Why? Because the game already has a set of standards built in, and they have chosen not to comply. Disruption within the game standards is perfectly fine. Disruption TO the game outside EvE’s standards is not.

–Gadget also ad-blocks, too


The funny thing is? I use block a fair amount as well, after asking the people to desist.

at the end of a month I will clear out my block list which is now, quite often full of Caldari citizen 184564764 rather that player names.

Most spammers do not last a month, they rotate in new toons.




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A stroke?

Or did your cat sat on your keyboard?

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When people use spam filters it is not because of their problem with spam. It is done to not waste peoples time and money on useless (and sometime dangerous) “offers”. I don’t want to waste my time glancing over mails and pressing buttons to delete it. I use spam filters to make the system do it for me.

The same with ADs in Internet. I don’t want my screen space to be wasted on it. And my attention to be wasted. I simply block it.

In the end local forumites. Some of them behave like spam or ADs: they use “grownup language” and in general look down on others while making mostly useless posts which you can skip after you see their authors.

But hey! You can dream all you want that people are too weak and scared of your bright intelligence when they block you. I’m pretty sure you can share this place with Nigerian Prince and like.


How would not having a spam filter cost you money?

By costing/wasting fuckin time looking at the stupid message/mail.


Time = life/money.


Time is money, friend. :slight_smile:

–Gadget does her best goblin voice.


It’s lost cause on them sir, both the concept of time and money have had their lines completely blurred off. You can’t expect these cretins to understand, so instead we’re just fragile little self-centered snowflakes, because we prefer not to spend time carelessly swallowing their own verbal turds …

Hence, why am I still typing here ?

Bye. (I guess)

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The fact they notice them at all is a sign of a poor attention span.

And the fact they feel so strongly they wig out when its mentioned shows underlying rage issues.

I would disagree with that first part.

Programmers and engineers may excel at being singularly focused.

But other careers need to see new information instantly and accurately.
Uncontrolled spam can hinder that.

–Usually Patient Gadget