Ignore Feature for Forums

It would be great if we could have an “ignore” option on forums that auto blocks individuals posts. Even better if you name the feature “troll-be-gone” it’d add commical value.

The positive notes to this is that it should reduce support staff demands pretty significantly.

There’s this thing called Occam’s razor. The simplest explanation is usually correct.

Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, instead of you being trolled, your ideas are just bad and unfitting for the type of game Eve is?


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Denied Alt.

If you don’t want to read someone’s posts, then don’t.

Once you mark them ignore you will still be tempted to look.

In the end the true ignore is your ability to just skim right over those posters.


I find myself taking extra care to read all “hidden by community” posts. I’ll skim over a bunch of normal ones but those catch my attention!


Alt of who? Sorry to break it to you, but I don’t use alts.

Yeah, so we can ignore you, who …

… claims to be from 2003 without providing any evidence.
… claims to be from 2003 while claiming that he’s a new player in his first post.
… who claims to be a game developer while constantly proving that he has no clue.
… who, not once, backs up any of his claims.

All you want is an echo chamber, because you can’t deal with people rightfully telling you that you’re wrong; that you’re a hater; that you’re dishonest.


I support the addition of a forum ignore list.

I don’t understand why there is no ignore feature on this forum in the first place. There will always be people that keep spouting the same nonsense and aren’t open for a normal discussion. Having the ability to hide such posts is a fantastic feature in some of the other fora I used to visit.

Sure, automatically ignoring posts will still make you tempted to look. But if you look three times and get confirmed three times why you ignored this user in the first place, that temptation will wane.

CCP, give us a forum ignore list please.
But keep it tiny, we don’t want people to use it to ignore everyone they disagree with, just a particular few trolls.

(Also, I have no idea why there’s such hatred to the feature in this thread, or to the OP who I don’t know. This thread is just the first that popped up when I searched for a forum ignore list and seemed appropriate.)

The thing about the ignore feature, that was on the old forums, it only hid content for yourself. So if someone were to reply to your post and you have them hidden of course you would not see it, however everyone else would. Giving you a disadvantage to defend your position, it also didn’t block quotes that contained the blocked person. All in all the feature was kinda useless.

This is exactly the functionality I want to see from an ignore feature.

I wouldn’t ignore people when I want to defend my position against what they’re saying in a discussion. An ignore feature would be a last resort when I find that no matter what I say, the other person will always respond with the same nonsense. After trying a few times, the only way to deal with that is to ignore the person mentally. But a forum ignore feature would help a lot as it reminds me ‘don’t bother with that player, it’s not worth the effort’ while also keeping the same nonsense hidden for myself.

Sure, other players will still see the response of that player. But they’re free to use their own judgement (and possibly ignore the guy as well, or ignore me).

I dunno about that.
I haven’t been reading into these forums all that much until late, but the amount of replies that are simply:



Would seem to indicate there is a problem here.
Perhaps there could be an option where players can flag a comment as improper, but all that would really do is get abused more than prove useful.

You can already do that, the 3 dots next the reply button, there is a flag and gives you a choice of why its being flagged.

There is, hell I’ve even used it once. However I don’t see such a function used (though I have not been reading this forums that much until the past few days).

I went looking for a post I recall seeing 2 days ago that was effectively the type of post I denoted as less-than-helpful. It had 3 favorites/likes and still existed, and it was the first response to a thread. Should this feature be more front and center, or would that lead to it being abused?

Unfortunately it would probably be abused and cause an excessive number of reports for the ISD volunteers. Which may or may not be a valid report.

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Any post that warrants ignore can be flagged already.

All that happens with this is people ignore everyone who doesn’t agree with them and we end of with nothing but people agreeing with each other while a whole other group of people, in the same thread, also agree with each other.

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Less than helpful is allowed, mostly because it is a highly subjective term.

That’s a good point, which is why I also suggested to keep the ignore list tiny. People should be able to ignore a few trolls, but not all the people they disagree with.
A list of 5 or 10 people should be enough to block a few persistent trolls without allowing players to block everyone with an opposing view on a topic.

This however I do not agree with: “Any post that warrants ignore can be flagged already.” Even though I may not want to see a certain person’s posts, he may still be within the forum rules and on topic. Take yourself for example, your posts aren’t off topic, yet it is very rare that you post something like this which I find worth reading.

Hate to agree, but the whole notion of “less than helpful posts” does seem to apply to him. The more I read, the less substance I see.
Having strong feelings regarding certain topics is one thing, but is it too much to ask to provide counter points or at the very least some detail into why?

I’m pretty sure these forums are designed by a third party, not CCP. As such CCP would have to request such a feature be added by the vendor, which would probably entail a payment being made to cover the dev-man-hours needed to make it happen. If you want an ignore feature that badly you should probably start opening your wallet.

Fear not, we’ve been dealing with those for YEARS. :grin: