Is it allowed to abuse the forum moderation flags?

Any individual can flag any post for spam and have it be hidden. Is this really a good idea?

Can we get an option to NOT hide posts, even if they are flagged - some of us want to read what was written, and its not always something which should be hidden.

Should something be done to discourage moderation abuse?
Or should we all start doing that?

I took a screenshot. CODE salt is on high demand

Adapt or die… don’t whine on forums


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A screenshot of what? Can I see it?

No need to send you just read your whining post xD

Oh, this one, the one where I’m asking the admins if we should abuse the moderation features?

So you thought it would be a good idea to come talk trash here?

I mean, I guess that’s the question we should ask CCP, is whether we want to do something about your bad behavior or whether everyone should feel free to start acting this way.

If we can’t exchange ideas, no matter what those ideas are, without being hidden by 1-2 people, why even bother being here? It’s not worth the effort to put into writing posts, if they are just going to be hidden because someone doesn’t agree with a particular perspective.

So, I personally think the introduction of community moderation has made it too easy at the moment, just to hide content you don’t agree with, rather than content that genuinely breaks rules.

I’m hoping that the moderation requests become so numerous through the forum pvp going on, that CCP dial it back a bit.


Right now, one person can literally hide every single post in a thread - and they could go from thread to thread, and hide literally the entire forum. I think the problem with that system is readily apparent.

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I think CCP should introduce an option to NOT hide posts. I don’t want someone else deciding that I can’t see a post, and then I have to go through the hassle of unhiding it. It’s not a good design, and its clearly something which can be abused and is abused.

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Now joking aside I agree with op. Should take a Lot of flags to have post hidden.



Many people hide my â– â– â– â–  because they think I am not Legit :frowning:

The answer appears to be “yes, it is allowed” mostly due to the lack of enforcement by ISD. This is not the first time it has happened, and ISD/Moderators have made a comment about this before.

Groups of individuals who are coordinating to target and mass flag posts from people they don’t agree with in an effort to suppress comments and criticisms that they can’t handle.

The alternative is to post about it on reddit. You won’t get any flags there, only downvotes

Hello, just going to make a brief statement, abusing the moderation flag system is not allowed, and will be dealt with as we can. That said, if you have any ideas on how to improve the system, I am all ears.


@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode to agree with the OP

Post should not be hidden, official forum moderators…like yourself should simply be aware a post has been flagged, and then if you deem it needs to be done just delete it.


A while back CCP explained how it works.
Users build up a hidden reputation. The better the reputation of someone flagging, the fewer flags is needed. If people abuse the flagging system their reputation drops somehow, presumably by the fact the moderators press the ignore button on their flagging. If they keep flagging posts mods agree need flagging, their reputation rises.
This means people who abuse the system lose reputation and thus become less able to hide posts.

Exactly how reliable this explanation is shrug but that’s what CCP offered at the time to explain the system.

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That sounds fantastic on paper, but in practice, makes it fairly difficult as someone who actively gets targeted.

The first hide is automatic, enough people mass flagging and targetting a post will cause it to automatically be hidden, and the poster receives a message. The message states that the poster will have an opportunity to edit their post 10 minutes after it is initially hidden.

Here is the first problem. A post can be automatically hidden for any one of the reported reasons. I’ve had several of my posts hidden under the claim of “Spam” the definition of which is as follows:

It’s Spam
This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic."

So when I get my post hidden for “Spam”, I’ll be going back and looking for things that violate those guidelines. Because the automatic hiding doesn’t actually seem to care for which exact reason your comment was reported, I have no idea how to progress.

How do I edit a post that I felt was on topic and addressed a question or concern that was raised, when the reason that it was flagged was seemingly arbitrary in the first place?

After you’ve waited 10 minutes to edit your post, guess what happens. It gets mass flagged again, presumably by either the same people, or their alt accounts. And this time, the hide is permanent “until it’s reviewed.” But let’s be real, how many times as a post actually reviewed by someone?

I will admit that I’m impressed at the level of coordination a handful of individuals on the forums here have been able to show with these coordinated and targetted flaggings. If only they could take some of that sense and apply it in the game, maybe they wouldn’t be so offended by simple criticism and remarks.

Every single time it gets to that stage I would imagine, I know the ISD team who do the forums (Which is not all the ISD) get notified about flagging and one assumes they work through the line.
So if it’s staying hidden… clearly there is some reason for it.
Not being sure which posts you are talking about I couldn’t offer any better feedback than that.

Here. This post was reported and hidden by community flags as “Spam”.

Miraculously, it seems to be gotten unhidden sometime 20 odd hours after the post. I hadn’t bothered to check to see if it was ever unhidden because I had received this:


So… You are complaining the ISD’s don’t have an instant turn around?
Because they clearly got to it, decided it wasn’t an issue and unflagged it.
I can’t see the original post so can’t comment on your pre edit post.

However honestly, quite a lot of content in that thread from multiple people is yikes…

One person by themself should not be able to flag every single post that someone else makes. Should I do the same, and flag every single one of their posts?

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