Please make those, who flag posts, visible to everyone and punish the abusers

I’ve had dozens upon dozens of posts hidden, despite them not actually breaking any rules. If they had, I’d not be around anymore to post about it.

There are people who abuse the flagging system simply because they can’t be exposed as cheaters and phonies. People who claim to have the moral high ground, despite being cheaters.

We already have this in polls. It makes it relatively impossible to cheat, as long as the participants are visible.

Certain people, who claim to have the moral high ground, don’t seem to have issues with cheating, as long as it makes them look like they’re actually in the “right”. Am I making this up? No! Case in point: Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?.

The same applies to forum posts in general. They wish to hide that which goes against their world view, independent of the fact that these posts don’t actually break any rules. The fact that there’s no way of telling who actually flags post makes the whole system relatively useless. Instead of it being used so ISDs can enforce forum rules, certain people abuse it to push their agenda of intolerance and hate.

I request that those who flag should be visible as icons, just like in polls. Additionally I request that repeat abusers have their forum priviledges wiped, because why should we tolerate the intolerant?

A society, which tolerates the intolerant, will inevitably be overrun by them.

Thank you.


Despite popular opinion, the rules are a lot more relaxed on these forums than the old ones, and there’s a lot more garbage posting that we let slide compared to the old forums.

Rule of thumb - if you’re posting and your content is regularly being hidden by reports, then a moderator isn’t unhiding it after reviewing the flags, then its highly probably that you’re posting garbage and the flags are being upheld.

I just looked at your profile and you’ve had 105 posts that have been flagged and 60 that have been deleted because they’re nonsensical or have been flagged by multiple people for various reasons. There’s no pattern to who’s reporting you - just that you’re being reported for breaking the rules.

Try being more constructive and not posting trash, and your posts will survive moderation.

Also, don’t discuss moderation on the forums.

Thread closed.