Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?

Protection, for example…

Instant CONCORD, or opting out of combat/getting ganked/etc., can-theft causing GCC instead of suspect state, the inability for people to enter your mission space or sites in general, scams (as in: should be reversed by GMs or banned completely), making mistakes in general … you get the point.

  • Yes
  • No
  • It’s fine as it is
  • People already are being protected too much

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Now let’s talk about vote rigging for a bit. Thanks @Salt_Foambreaker. :slight_smile:

Update, 04.01.2019, … read around 50 posts, never posted, registered after poll.

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Of those who voted “too much” only a single guy has zero posts …
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Rest is fine.

Of the ones who believe “it’s fine as it is” …
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Rest seems fine to me.

Now on to the “Yes” part.

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These are all alts from the same guy:

Conclusion … which is nothing new:

Carebears lie and cheat whenever they can, just to make it look like they’re having the upper hand.


Not getting the point is hot.

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No need for a point when you can bump your opponent out of alignment repeatedly.


Devils advocate thats better 25 percent we can each have a quarter


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I want suicide ganking removed it’s a ■■■■ mechanic allow highsec pvp to be bound to wars cause neutral logi not to be able to rep unless in corp.

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Why stop there. Why not remove all non consensual pvp. No one can die without accepting duels, even in nullsec or wormholes.


You miss the sideways protection option.
Currently much of the protection is very hard fixed lines that players have nothing to do with.

A sideways shift such as all industrials getting weapons and fitting options worth something (including active tank/prop/etc) but a significantly longer Concord timer (& Concord just self destructing you remotely rather than the spawns which can cause client lag when you try smart bombing). This puts protection actually in the hands of the affected characters, rather than the current situation of alts alts and more alts to have protection. And therefore makes it more engaging

This wouldn’t need to cause an increase or decrease in overall actual safety if the numbers were done right, but would change how that safety occurred. And the how is probably the important thing more than the amount of safety.


You know as well as I do what the result will be. The status quo wouldn’t change; those that use the current ship stats wisely would use the revised stats wisely, those that do not, would still explode and whine about it.

Longer response times would be somewhat of a regression to older times, not necessarily a bad idea but I’m not fond of the remote Concordokken part of your post.

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Sure. It’s not an idea meant to change smart people doing well and poor people doing badly.
It’s meant to place it in a more visible way though and connect industrialists with the shoot side of the game more. If your hauler actually can fit guns worth something then it’s obvious your hauler is going to be expected to shoot things sometimes. (yes I know surprise battle badger can do things but really… it’s not an effective combat fit except against small and equal numbers of frigates in fw type zones).
Also let’s be honest. Escort quests suck, even when you know there will be enemies. Let alone when it will be a milk run 99 times. Null hated them, why should we continue to expect them in high.

Why are you not a fan of remote condoken. It’s a lot more believable than magic teleporting Concord ships that can appear in their hundreds anywhere but are unable to do anything other than shoot criminals. And does it really matter if you get blown up remotely or by a magic infinite dps Concord ship?

FWIW, I’d rather not have the insane CONCORD spawns. Remote ship destruction, while as implausible as invulnerable CONCORD ships, does make for a less messy gaming experience.

Thought experiment: What if Industrials (T1 & T2) had a similar combat ability as barges but with a delayed CONCORD response. Could this work, or would the ability to hold huge amounts of ammo be destabilising?

FWIW, Triple expanded freighters and stupidly fit industrials seem to make up the majority of my gank alt’s kills.

Why not make all mission instantiated from inside the station. Why not make all anoms in a system in a separate instance. Why not make several instances of each gate, so people can escape gatecamp . Why not make only NPC order for items, so as to remove market pvp.

You mean, none ? I still wait for my battle covetor. And try to fit a 50mn on a barge …

besides, T2 indus have correct defensive skills (cloak or warp str), and T1 indus can be good too (5 drones on the nereus !!1!)

CONCORD spawns serve no purpose really. They are just a vector for exploits/unintended game play and it makes no sense to spawn something into the game universe you are not allowed to directly interact with. A magical space ray that destabilizes your ship’s engines and explodes the criminal would do just as well at enforcing a cost on illegal aggression without impacting server performance and as side benefit might stop some of the whining about people moving CONCORD around the system.

As to the poll, highsec does need some love. In general it is too safe (as is all of Eve for that matter), and the safety creep has reach the point that pretty much nothing interesting organically happens in highsec any more. You should be reasonably safe, especially if you aren’t generating reasources into the game universe, but the game does a poor job at putting you in more conflict with other players over resource collection. There should be an increase in conflict and the opportunity for competitive interactions as the value of the resource collected increases.

Currently, highsec is mostly a content wasteland, with far, far too many resources and space to put players really in conflict with each other, and even when that happens, CrimeWatch makes it too difficult for “normal” corps and players to fight one another. That is pretty much the realm of specialists only now which makes any content that does try to flower so lop-sided that many people characterize it as a turkey shoot or seal clubbing.

Eve is drowning in the twin poisons of too much wealth and too much safety. There are some signs CCP sees this and is working to make the game more dynamic and… explody, but I worry it may be too late. One can imagine an interesting highsec full of crime and wars and smuggling and bounty hunting and meaningful fighting over local objectives, but getting there will likely take too much developer work for us to ever see.


Good idea. Why not also make all items and modules and ships available for 1 isk from npc agents. All officer mods and AT ships available at 1 isk in every station.

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because the topic is “protection in HS” and not “how to use isks”

If everything cost 1 isk there would be a lot less people crying about hisec being too dangerous.

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Covetor. I see the problem. Try a Procurer or Skiff.
Nereus has bandwidth for 3 light drones (and a pitiful scan res, much less than a barge).

I would be okay if I could attack back when getting ganK but I can’t drop drones and blow their ass up or I get a suspect tag and loss of security status

Unless I have misunderstood something here, what you are afraid of is not accurate. If you’re being attacked, everyone and anyone (yourself included) can attack them (the attackers) freely without a suspect flag or a loss of security status. Even if either or both were true, you’re under attack anyway so a suspect flag doesn’t actually change anything. And security status loss doesn’t mean anything until you’ve done enough criminal acts to hit a -2, which is hard to do without podding people gratuitously.


Concord mechanics just don’t work if your attack currently you lose your ship also because you get criminal thing in Concord comes after you if someone attacks you first you should be able to attack back without getting a criminal flag and being able to defend your ship without losing it to Concord because someone attacked you right now you’re just basically dying slowly that’s all I’m saying