Bastion module upgrade

Dying doesn’t necessarily have to be “engaging” to a player. The freighter pilot is assuming several risks when he undocks. If he’s careless enough to get tackled by a frigate and eventually lose his ship, that’s really his fault for not preparing and planning contingencies.

EVE is a social game, he could easily have asked in local for help, asked his friends, corpmates, flown with allies to provide cover, dozens of different things. But if he chooses to be completely anti-social, refuse to reach out to the rest of the community, and try to live a life entirely isolated, that’s his fault.

Sucks, but them’s the breaks. I don’t care how expensive your ship is. Just because someone spent a “lot” (let’s be real, 800m is really nothing) of ISK on something, does not mean they’re entitled to ignore the basic PVP nature of the game.