Forum Mute /Ignore functions. And how it works? And why it doesn't work?

Hello .
Question ,
There is options in down corner like mute under the threads.
How this work ? When you mute the thread it still appear in the general forum lists to you ? Because i did try it and it still shown to me on the list, and there are several threads i want to mute, but if i forget the names and click on them seems like they get activated again .

Second one is …i think it is possible to mute someone in forums …
So when you mute you never see that persons posts again ?

And is it reversible? ( in case you muted so if you dont see that persons posts and if there is a discussion goin on … you cannot see persons posts creates a holes )

How this works exactly ? And how much effective ?

Like if another person is quoting muted person… that another persons posts will be invisible to me too?


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I don’t use the features under the threads, don’t need to but I can tell you how the Mute/Ignore feature works.

When you go to Preferences and click on users, you select a username you want to mute and you’ll see the options of how long you want to mute that member ( I always click “forever” in the drop-down menu).
Once that done, you will see the username muted with a X next to the name. Clicking that X will unmute the member.

In the threads, you will see “ignored content” where the muted member has posted. You can click on “ignored content” if you’re curious to read their bs and that will not unmute them, you can even reply to a muted member.

When another member quotes the muted member, you will not see the quoted part.
Is it effective? Very.


Blue, at the bottom of a post is a dropdown menu that controls what you will be notified about on a post. Personally I’ve never chosen the “muted” option for a post as they often drop off everyone’s attention mostly after not too long so don’t feel the need tbh. I also don’t have anybody on mute individually as I kind of enjoy watching the latest crop of forumers who think they are Astounding Forum Kommandos but are really more like Bozo the Clowns (of course not looking at you at all, Kellie). They often burn themselves out after a while but regardless it is mildly entertaining to watch.
I hope this doesn’t indicate you are being harassed for any rvb-related thing still. They screwed you over enough…


Please someone help me :
I find that link :

But i am not given these options, i cannot see these why ?

What am i doing wrong here ?

Preferences, users… then i see this .

Because you don’t have anyone ignored, that may be why it’s not showing up. You can click on an individuals profile, and you’ll see a box that says “normal”. Clicking that, will allow you the option to mute that individual so you won’t see notifications that they posted (but you can still see them). The other option is ignore, which truly ignores them, their posts are ignored and you won’t see them unless you choose to.

Hey , hello thank you so much… i am really frustrated with this atm…
I have tried what you said … made print screen …
Did you mean this place ?

Under normal there is no ignore option for me.

Weird. Hmm, your trust level is basic. Maybe if you are basic, it doesn’t allow you to ignore ppl.

If this true … That might not be a reason … :frowning:

Or admins changed these things and does not bother themselves to inform us .

And there is no excuse for not to give someone right to ignore things frustrates them.

In other thred clearly made offense and seems like he can ignore whoever he /she wants and i cant .
This is disturbing .

@ISD @CCP_Convict

What is the point and purpose to not to give us right to ignore other players who harass us in forums ?

You do telling us to stay silent and not to answer and raport it . We have to see the things they write about us but stay silent ? Untill ISD do something person goin on and on … and sometimes ISD does not interfere .
Do we have to leave the threads ? To not to read quoted posts ?

You dont let us ignore
You dont let us defend and answer and when we answer and defend ourselves we get punished too …

We do report but nothing is happening … we cant get help . We cant get assistance .

I would like to know the reason and explanation before make any judgement .
Why a natural right become a privilige?

I logged in with an alt, who i know is a basic user, and they cannot ignore anyone either, just mute.

looking at the discourse rules you posted, you need to be above a basic member to ignore others. So, once you get to member, and off of basic, you can ignore members.

They can restrict what each level does, as far as what they are allowed to do per level, but they can’t give permissions if the website itself doesn’t allow it.

This parameter can be adjustable by admins . They just dont . And i want to know why .

they can adjust it as i said above, but if the trust level, DOESN’T allow something at that particular trust level, i don’t think they can add it.

They dont need to add or remove anything . Ignore option shouldnt be a privildge.

take that up with discourse, not CCP.

CCP is the one who decides the criterias . For each trust lvl . I dont need to take it to the discourse . I

sure CCP sets criteria for what each trust level can do. Veteran status is a good example… When they activated vet status a lot of us found out we could do things, then CCP turned around and disabled a lot of the perks of the vet status.

point is, if discourse says a basic member cannot do something, i doubt ccp can go in and say, uh yes they can.

anyway i’m done arguing with you.

They can perfectly give “ ignore “ ability to any trust lvl.

I wont argue after seing this either.
This is their choice. And i just want to know why.
This can prevent lot of derails and issues and stop before escalate in eve forums.

Thank you for commenting and helping me to look deeper this aspect and learn.

The very short time when vets could edit any post was pretty amusing, indeed. :smiley: