Fix the forum so deleted posts dont stay and spam the topic

Why do deleted posts stay and say “deleted by author” if noone has responded to them or even seen them

Audit purposes.

Please elaborate

My dude,
You already had two threads locked this morning. Are you going for a hat trick?
Questioning forum moderation got your last one locked. Did you not learn a lesson from that?
Why spam “post deleted by author” again here, when that contributed to getting your precious Jita Everywhere thread locked.
I honestly don’t know exactly why. I’m guessing it’s so you can’t bait someone into a response, then delete your post with no trace so you can hold up your hands with an innocent expression on your face and ask, “Who? Me?”.

What are you talking about?

I think the real issue is:

Stop people from spam starting new threads.

I think a 7 day cool down is needed between starting new threads, or else we get trash like this, over and over and over again.

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So its to prevent people bumping a thread and deleting the post? Well it seems to have unintended consequences. As will putting a cooldown on comments and threads.

If someone is ghost bumping the mods will figure it out sooner or later and can deal with it

Oh, no. I didn’t say put a cooldown on comments to a thread.

It’s to stop people like you from spam starting 5 different threads with lousy ideas each day.


I dont post that often and you can just ignore my ideas and comments. But you dont so you must like them

(post deleted by author)

Plz close.

This thread has nothing of value and is taking up digital space for more productive topics.

Please close.

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