I was given a warning, called troll a d thread locked

Continuing the discussion from Skillpoint gift in the near future:

Yet it has been 10 days.

So maybe I was unjustly handled?

Too much to ask for an apology, I just am asking for a respectful updated time frame respectfully.

If you post on Reddit they are more likely to respond


Well, the thead was locked on July 4th with a note that compensation would probably be delivered in a week.
So, it’s been a week now. (crickets)

At this point I’m not expecting anything, and to be honest - I can’t see it being more than a few thousand SP. Maybe I’m wrong, but finagling anything out of CCP lately seems like a herculean effort. It’s like they’re trying to horde all the cash they can to survive long enough until EVE Nova and the two mobile games come onstream. Or maybe they’re trying to make themselves look as attractive as possible to a potential buyer (third time’s the charm, right?)

Ah! IBTL! Funny how you can still edit posts and give likes in locked threads. You learn something new every day!

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CCP was late! I’m both shocked and appalled…

Edit: inb4close!

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You would be better off warping a freighter full of plex to the CODE. starbase in Uedama and informing them that the Mitanni is your toilet paper.

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