Slow mode should be limited to the first 24h

Noone has posted in the industry update thread for 2 hours. It is idle. Should it really still be in a restricted state? I think not.

Keep it civil yall and don’t go suggesting to spam other threads joking or not, it shouldn’t need to be said.

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Hey Golem, you’re right we shouldn’t be joking about spaming. Sorry bout that. I am curious what your thoughts are on the edit block though? Seems you edited your post here so maybe you understand the need for that functionality.

Regarding the editing, its a byproduct of the Slow Mode in discourse.

See that if you’re interested in a back end discussion of it.

As for my thoughts, I think, Discourse should implement a small window after a post is made in a slowmode topic that you can edit it to fix typos and such, say 1 or 2 minute window.


Thank you! That is very helpful.

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