Misc Questions and Feedback on Forums

  1. Without naming names - how are abusive posters (who constantly post topics and replies that are repeatedly flagged by the community and/or locked and intervened upon by moderators) handled when their behavior is so extensive and habitual? Are they ever banned from the forums or have their account temporarily frozen (as a slap on the wrist) or anything like that? I know trolls will always find a way but I won’t complain if some of the Omega trolls were discouraged from time to time.

  2. Whenever I’m in a forum category (ie. which contains subforums) and change my tracking behavior, I think it would be good for that behavior applies to all the subforums recursively. For example: I don’t speak French (etc), so right now I want to mute all posts there I have to mute each French forum individually because muting the French parent forum does not mute the subforums. I mean, is this a missing feature to be implemented? Is this a bug that it isn’t working? Am I doing it wrong and that’s why my settings aren’t applying to subforums?

  3. I completely agree with @Solstice_Projekt’s idea of disabling hiding one’s profile to the extent that I think it’s also worth mentioning here as well (Please disable hiding ones profile )

  1. In the advanced forum search, I think there should be checkboxes for CCP, CSM, ISD (etc) to complement the Posted By field. Sometimes we’re not looking for anything in particular but we do want to see all “official” posts.

  2. Hybrid question/feedback: I am aware that there are 3rd party websites and tools for accessing EVEmail outside of game, but I’m wondering: ever since gate.eveonline.com was shutdown, has CCP ever reintroduced EVEmail on their own websites? The reason why I’m asking is because I think it’d be great if they did… it would integrate well on the forums because then as we’re using the forums we can send and receive private messages using the existing messaging infrastructure without needing to introduce anything new just for the forums.

  1. Speaking just from experience, new accounts pop up that spam and troll the forums for a day and get half their posts flagged are usually never seen again. I’m assuming they’re banned. Old accounts with a lot of posts tend to be able to get away with more. Anything attacking CCP or ISD will get removed pretty quick.

  2. I had to do the same and I think that’s just how it is.

  3. There’s already a section for listing all CCP/ISD/CSM posts.

Just kind of annoying how literally in real time you see the troll posting and the moderators followong up not 5 minutes later. Wish the interventions had more oomph.

I saw a Dev Blogs section but it is not clear if thag embodies other non-dev-blog content from CCP or content from CSM and ISD. I also know about the ‘official’ tag but it isn’t consistently used whereas first poster filter works every time.

OK This Black Out is stupid. [This black out is harming Null-sec mechanics I am also aware that no super’s can be built like this, allowing a specific group to maintain there monopoly. And that truly bites, that CCP would allow a specific group to maintain a monopoly, To power over the lesser Alliances

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