Please disable hiding ones profile

It allows shady people to block us doing research on their character and behaviour.

Researching someone on the forums is literally the only thing we have when it comes to learning and understanding the behaviour and motives of others. It’s essential for everyone to be able to research those we communicate with, otherwise everyone’s open for abuse.

Naarian is a prime example for this, who told uncounted lies about himself and everything around him. It would not be possible for everyone to be easily convinced that he was nothing but a steaming pile of :poop: if it wasn’t possible to look and point at his profile history.

I understand that we could still use the search function, but as you can see by clicking the link, that’s a really bad way of doing research on someone.

Oh mighty Forum Wizard, please grant me my wish!


Seems rather pointless to me. All the people posting here that are full of ■■■■ (which are about 95% of the posters) are easily spotted through their writing ■■■■■■■■ in every post.

Solstice, you should rather do it like me. Simply don’t give a ■■■■. You’re not going to gain anything at all by arguing with idiots, imbeciles and illiterates. You’ll only waste your time.

You yourself aren’t actually taking your “advice” at heart,
so what should anyone else make of it?

Unlike you, and 95% of the posters, I don’t actually argue around with idiots.
I rarely go beyond three, four posts, when it comes to actually argueing around.

You should know that.

Being able to properly research the people on this forum is one of the most important things for everyone. Not being able to do so is a problem, because it allows shady people like Naarian to abuse the fact that it’s actually hard researching them.

Thank you for your post.

I agree with this 100%. The ability to use the search feature subverts the profile hiding feature, thereby making it both unnecessary and inconvenient. Besides - anything posted on here is a public, searchable, indexable record, and there is no reason why such records should not be as easy to access as possible.

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Oh look, LSG yet again.

Who’s shady? Victims of doxxing by toxic players? Just a thought as I’ve heard it a valuable tool for some keyboard warriors in eve.

Someone somewhat prolific experienced this.

You’re shady.

Doxxing != Your public posting profile.
You can not make this thread about something it’s not.

Also would I like to thank you for pointing me at this.
I actually had no idea it was possible.

Does it actually matter? If someone is prone to lying, why is viewing their profile going to change anything? Just ignore them and move on with your life.

That got a reaction, strange. Your judgements of anyone is false, you have no right. muted, you take too long to write.

Yeah, it does.
Doesn’t need to matter for you, though.

That’s a bad approach to life, but it’s yours so - unlike you - I’m not going to tell you to live it differently.

I have literally all the rights given by the ToS/EULA/Rules of the forums, just like anyone else.

No one, including yourself, can claim otherwise.

Would also be so nice if we saw corp and alliance in the user info tooltip again. @CCP_Avalon screwed up the code, which made the thirdparty JS script not function for ages.

I am, actually. Check out my posting history of the last few months. I don’t remember exact dates, but took a break about a year ago and didn’t give much a of a ■■■■ ever since I came back. I stopped trying to educate morons because they won’t get it anyway and I’ll only be wasting my precious time on futile attempts, while gaining totally nothing in return.

Come to think of it, I should just go back to not reading these forums at all. There’s nothing interesting or even mildly intellectually arousing on here anyway, nor can decent discussions have been had because the average poster on here lacks the intellectual capabilities to have them.

I probably would know that if I cared, but I don’t. More often than not I’m just skimming through threads and reading posts without any regard for who wrote them. There are a few names that I see crop up every time and again, like yours, but I’m not going to go off and analyse posting histories.

Why does it matter? Anyone with the intellectual capabilities will see them for what they are right away and all the people below the line simply won’t get it, no matter how many facts and proofs you lay out at their feet.

People identify with opinions that match their own. Whether they’re right or wrong doesn’t matter. Presenting opposing facts is only seen as a direct attack on their world view.

You can try to educate them all you want about how vaccines don’t cause autism and how it’s ridiculously and utterly stupid to drink industrial bleach to “purify” your body, with all the supporting evidence you can conjure. It won’t change their mind on things. Really the best you can do is not give a ■■■■, let natural selection do its work and let them drink their bleach.

I remember telling you that this is not how it works. You’re never actually educating them and believing so is what made you leave. It never was about teaching anyone, yet for some reason all the back-and-forth-posters always believed to know better. Eventually they left.

I agree that you shouldn’t be here when you can’t stop believing that you can educate people who have no interest in being educated. Arguing for arguing’s sake, which is what is being done, is a waste of time.

I don’t care about educating people, especially not about forcing it onto them when there is no point in doing so.

I am fundamentally different than literally every single one who believes that “continuous posting with the goal of educating people” is actually the driving factor behind his behaviour. It isn’t. Never has been, never will be. It’s always about “being right” and making the other guy “feel wrong”, which is so ■■■■■■■ stupid that there’s no scale covering the stupidity of such behaviour.

Sure, try one post. Two posts. Maybe three if it’s necessary. At that point it’s crystal clear if the person is just a wannabe-right-asshole or someone who really wants to understand what’s going on. People who keep throwing around posts after posts after posts trying to “educate” others are just as bad as those who “refuse” to be “educated”.

No. That’s the best thing you can do, because that’s apparently the limit of what you can do.

So … no offense … but you’re really better off staying away instead of telling people like myself to stop “bothering” just because you failed at understanding that your behaviour never actually achieved anything at all.

The problem here never was them, it was always you. It wasn’t them that made you give up, it was your inability to understand that what you’re doing is pointless, which made you stop eventually.

There. Have a nice Life, please come back every once in a while.

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Then I suppose neither of us understands the motivations of the other. For me it never was about educating them, I always considered that pointless. It was only ever about my own amusement.

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Watching Brave Keyboard Warriors duking it out be like

Sticks and Stones
May Break My Bones
But Words Will Hurt

You realize you’re just showing us that you, too, are a Brave Keyboard Warrior … right? :smiley:

Should we have a conversation in your thread,
or make one in General Discussions, just like Dracvlad did? :smile:

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For myself, and perhaps many others, I learn not necessarily through direct debate, but most often through the debate/discussions of others. It is not a good thing for misinformation to be left in a vacuum to fester, since with human nature uncontested “information” can sometimes be viewed as plausible. It is best for counterpoints to be put out there as well, so hopefully there is enough information for others not involved in the discussion to form their own conclusions.

And I would have to agree that motivations behind postings can shed some light on the subject at times.

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This is important, though I’m not yet pushing it harder.

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