Blocked characters

(FlipMoe Squad) #1

In-game blocked characters should not be allowed to be seen by the blocker on the forums as it defeats the purpose of removing their influence.

Some players can be extremely toxic and bring a person to basically explode in a rage.

It should be fixed so their content doesn’t have to be viewed by the person who blocked the other, who is basically a victim.

Sorry I don’t know if this is the proper section. If I’m incorrect can it be moved to whichever is most relevant?

(Syeed Ameer Ali) #2

So, is this a Q or an A, Holey?

(FlipMoe Squad) #3

I know that person but I am not him, I think I may have stated that for the billionth time.
We played together a long time ago and we speak via email or chat now and again.
I have a great rendition of my drunk self on YouTube thanks to an old friend who ran a charity. UKM Thorgrim, I apologize if wrong…it’s been so long.
Any inappropriate posts will be flagged and I won’t play games. I have eve for that thanks.

(Dom Arkaral) #4

you’re clearly not a new player
so you’re clearly not posting in the right section

nice try holey

(FlipMoe Squad) #5

Thanks for the bump…this guy I have blocked in game because he is so bothersome, but he continues it here. I’ll flag it as abusive and see what happens. Go play game …in-game maybe. Not interested…woke up to 46 likes…

(Dom Arkaral) #6

why would a 3 day-old “new player that somehow knows Holeysheet1” have me blocked ingame despite not seeing me ingame once (or the opposite)?

ty for confirming you are indeed Holeysheet,
also, ty for confirming that you take the bait very easily

(Keno Skir) #7

The plot thickens -.-

(FlipMoe Squad) #8

I suppose the onus of proof is on you. Your continued slander is noted. Remember , alpha toon here with nothing to lose…how about you?

(Memphis Baas) #9

You can open your Settings / Preferences for the forums, and add suppress notifications from all the characters you have blocked in-game. It won’t remove their posts, but at least you won’t get notified every time they spam-reply to your threads.

(FlipMoe Squad) #10

Dealing with extremely toxic people and I don’t want to hear them. They harass and personally attack me.

They’re convinced I’m someone I’m not…I’m ready to quit really.
I love eve and was going to sub this toon but if this is the environment…

It goes back to if you block them in-game, you shouldn’t have to take abuse on the eve forums either. I’m a 43 yr old man and some of these players act like angry children.

I don’t think a harassment petition will do anything…only embolden them when nothing is done.

(FlipMoe Squad) #11

You received all mails I sent to saegar1234…he posted the screenshot remember.

You’re the fool, and anymore rubbish and this will be escalated to a harassment petition and flagging each innapropriate post. Which from you, means anything because I truly feel harassed.

(Memphis Baas) #12

Well, one harassment petition might not do anything, but repeating flagging from you will eventually annoy the ISD’s enough that they may add a forum block feature. Or ban you. Either way, blissful silence and peace.

(FlipMoe Squad) #13

And the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. I’m aware of that, but thanks for reinforcing it. I’ll just make another account or something else.

(FlipMoe Squad) #14

Harassment petition sent. We shall see what happens. Again I had the 2 mentioned blocked in-game because they were talking extremely arrogantly in systems I flew through again claiming I am someone who I am not. As well as trying to bait me into their game. I play spaceships, npt adults who act like children

(Dom Arkaral) #15

So simply calling you out or talking to you is now harassment?

You’ve fallen pretty low Holey

I heard stories about your time in Marmite and all, everyone says you were nice and actually pleasant to talk to… but now you jump on the harassment train because “you can”

You made this toon for a reason, trying to get people banned over a fictional harassment won’t work mate


(FlipMoe Squad) #16

I’m sorry the ticket regarded you being blocked in game, and attacking me here. This is just getting fun. No more lame excuses.

(FlipMoe Squad) #17

For 1 billionth and 1 I am not holey, I used to know him yrs ago but I guess saegers mails aren’t too specific sent to you, that he linked a screenshot of.

(Dom Arkaral) #18

that screenshot is a mail about fits

but hey, we must be talking about how obvious the elephant is in the room

(FlipMoe Squad) #19

Ccp will make the decision, save it for them. Now don’t bother me anymore. Or just keep adding to the pile. , it’s ok

(FlipMoe Squad) #20

Just checked email. The harassment petition I sent naming you and saegar is under review.
Do not contact me In any way or I will consider it further abusive behaviour.
Why you are blocked in game and not here doesn’t make sense to me.
It would have save me your mile of BS and having to write a detailed ticket based on the harassment I faced as you felt poking and prodding me would get a reaction. It did.