Number of science jobs

Hello, I have a question regarding science jobs and the manufacturing interface. I am currently running only two science jobs at the moment. I have laboratory operation 5, and advanced laboratory operation level 2. The game will not let me submit more than two at a time. The jobs are mine and not a corp. job. It says 7 of eight jobs are already running, but I know I only have two jobs. I cannot find where I may have other old jobs running. It does not show me any of the prints in use accept the two I am currently running. Kinda frustrating to train up the skill and yet not be able to use it. I have no other prints out there as far as I know. I don’t think I left an old job running. When I go to my job history it shows nothing for me. I clicked all activities and still nothing in the history. The station I chose to do a science job in is not affiliated with the corp. We have no office there. I am not running any other jobs for the corp. Just wondering what to do about it.

You either reverted back to Alpha, or you have 5 jobs out there somewhere that are completed but not retrieved.

It does not show them in the interface. Only two. I did revert back to alpha at one time. I paid and went back to Omega. Is that the reason?