Running 4 Jobs but EVE thinks I'm running 10/10


What’s wrong with this picture? I am only running 4 jobs but can not start any more as the client thinks I am running 10. Note where it is maxed saying 10/10 but the 4 shown are the only jobs I am running.

Before I report this, am I missing anything obvious?

Domo Arigato

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I had it the other way around recently where I was running 10/10 jobs but the game told me I was only running 6/10 jobs. No filters or anything to filter out some jobs were applied, and it only started to happen after the latest release. It is worth a report.

Your screenshot doesn’t show the activities tab. Make sure it is set to all activities. You may be filtering to only show invention. Science jobs include invention, copying, ME and TE research. It also only shows in progress jobs. Completed jobs will continue to take up a slot until they are delivered - change to all active jobs.

Thank you Do Little

Here we are:

I am running 4 invention jobs. No copying, no material research, no time research and no making anything.
It shows a green start button and when I click START it turns red and says


I have the skills to run 10 jobs but it thinks I am running 10 when I am only like totally for sure running just 4.


So, why do I get lucky and find a glitch in the game, which is probably rare, but it is NOT in my favor? Hehe!

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If you have jobs submitted for corp they will also count. Other than that a support ticket is in order.

No corporation jobs active either. Thank you for your time in confirming this true bug or glitch.

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I am experiencing the same issue and have submitted a ticket regarding it. I believe I may have had jobs submitted under Corp prior to leaving it to join another corp but I can’t be sure and have no way to verify that at this point.

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That is exactly what happened with me. Ran a 2 year job of copying blueprints before leaving for well, 2 years. When I went back to where the POS is and docked in the system I was able to see the job under the corp jobs tab. Closed it and had an insane amount of blueprints.

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