Number of signatures in area tied to traffic?

Does anyone have link to information from CCP as to whether the amount of signatures/anomolies appearing in an area are tied to the amount of ‘traffic’ (players) in that area?

Thank you.

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I’m not sure the information was ever officially published by a dev. The prevailing theory based on player analysis on the old old forums is that there are a number of sigs in a constellation. They are more likely to get cleared from a busy system in the constellation so they pile up in quiet systems in the constellation. I’ve never heard anything that suggests the numbers of pilots in the system has a direct effect.


Well this seems interesting. I wonder if we can get a DEV to mention anything officially on it? Or have CCP refused to do?

Not sure how exactly it works. From what I know, whenever a signature is completed shortly after a new signature will spawn elsewhere in the Constellation/Region (not sure if it’s one or the other). Anomalies are supposedly the same as well as influenced by the activity in system, and if in Null, affected by the System’s Security level (IHUB upgrades).


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